World Emoji Day: How to Create Custom Emoji Stickers on Android Smartphone | Facebook Launches Speaking Emoji, Create Your Face Expression Emoji For WhatsApp


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Today (July 17) is World Emoji Day. On this occasion, Facebook has launched Fantastic Emoji. This is the sound emoji. Facebook has become the first company to do so. Facebook has claimed that the Soundmojis created by them is a next generation emoji. With this, users will also be able to send a sound clip along with the emoji in the message.

To send this emoji to a user, open a chat with a user on Facebook Messenger. Now click on Sly Face. Then go to the Expression menu. Click on the loudspeakers icon in it and select it. Sound emoji will be seen here. It can also be previewed before sending.

make your own face emoji for whatsapp

By the way, if you want to make emoji with your face and face expression, then you can do this work with the help of free Android apps. For this, you search for Emoji Maker on the Play Store. Many apps will come here. According to the better rating and review, you should install any app. Now click on the photo of your face with different expressions on the app. Then turn them into cartoon-like emoji with the help of the app. Save them in photo format on the phone.

Further process will be like this…

> Now you have to install 2 apps named Background Eraser and Personal stickers for WhatsApp. Android users can install these apps for free from the Play Store.

> With the help of Background Eraser app, you can remove the background of a photo. Along with cropping the photo in the app, there is an option to erase it. Photo background can be erased easily with the help of auto, manual, magic, repair tools. After erasing the photo save it in PNG format.


> If you are not able to delete the background of the photo on the app, then erase it on the computer with the help of Photoshop or other software. This work can also be done by visiting website. Save the edited photo in PNG format. In this way you can save many photos of photo or name. These photos will act as emoji.

> Now open the Personal stickers for WhatsApp app. Here all the files in PNG format of the phone will be shown. Your photos will also appear here. All you have to do is tab on ADD in front of these photos. After this a mini window will appear in front of you, ADD it once again. In this way the emoji created by you will reach the sticker location in WhatsApp.

emoji sending process

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the contact to whom you want to send the emoji.
  • Now tab on the smiley given next to the typing space.
  • Here the GIF and sticker logo will be seen with a smiley at the bottom.
  • Tab on the sticker’s logo and select the emoji you created from the list above.
  • Tab on the emoji and it will be sent.

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