World Emoji Day: Hindi nor English – the fastest language is emoji, we send them 1000 crores times daily; Know how emoji fighting the battle of black and white


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  • The Fastest Growing Language Is Emoji, Which Not Only M akes It Easier For People To Express Their Heart, But Is Also A Way Of Fighting Against Racial And Political Inequality.
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40 minutes ago

If someone asks what is the global language of the new era? In India, the country with the largest population of English speakers, most people might give this tag to English. But this is not true. Actually, the global language of New Millennials is emoji. There is no letter in it, but there is a picture. There is value. There is emotion. It is a voice against inequality. There is no border and no breed of this language riding on the Internet. Vyv Evans, Professor of Linguistics at Bangor University, UK, claims that emoji is the world’s fastest-spreading language in human history. This language, which started with a total of 176 icons, has reached 3,353 emoji today. He says that as a visual language, emoji has already overtaken ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which took more than five centuries to develop. Today, emoji are not only strengthening relationships in the world, but have also become a tool in the fight against racial and political inequality. It is affecting us so deeply without any sound that psychologists are getting traces of it in our brain.

So let’s know today on World Emoji Day, very interesting things related to the world of emoji….

Emoji’s also played a big role in bringing political equality
In 2015, Apple released emojis of different skin colors for its gadgets. Among them were emojis representing the LGBT group. Several online campaigns were launched on social media to remove racial discrimination in emoji and to make them represent all races.
Earlier in 2014, Anti Bullying Emoji i.e. emoji against coercion was released. Last year emojis of couples of two different races were also released. Especially for black and white pairs.

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