Women took over the front: Did not get a chance to read, but today took up arms to protect Syria; One thousand women join the army


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  • Did Not Get A Chance To Study, But Today The Weapons Taken Up To Protect Syria; One Thousand Women Join The Army

Damascus6 hours ago

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Like Jinab, many women were angry at the Turkish incursion. She also joined the civilian army.

  • Turkey attacked when America left

In the past two years, 1,000 Syrian women have joined the Kurdish civilian army. One of them is Jinab Serekania (26). Jinab never thought that she would join the civilian army. Jinab grew up in the city of Ras al-Ayn in north-eastern Syria. She was the only girl in a family of five. He loved fighting and wearing boys’ clothes. But did not get a chance to go to school like brothers. Then Jinab started working in the vegetable fields with her mother. Then a major incident changed Jinab’s life.

In October 2019, the then US President Donald Trump announced that US troops would leave north-eastern Syria. Here the US military had an alliance with the Kurdish army for years. Turkey got a chance after Trump’s announcement. He launched invasions into the border cities under the control of Kurdish forces. Jinab says- ‘Bombs started falling around us. Our family saved lives by running in the desert. From there we saw our city burning. We were running among the dead bodies scattered in the streets.


This incident shook my heart. I told my mother in 2020 that I wanted to join the women’s unit of the civilian army. At first the mother did not agree. The mother said that the two sons are already at risk while in the army. How do I send my daughter? To this I said- ‘We were thrown out of our land. We should protect our earth. Mother agreed. Like Jinab, many women were angry at the Turkish incursion. She also joined the civilian army.

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