Why Toothaches Hurt More At Night? Know Home Remedies For Preventing It


Toothache can be painful during the day, but it gets worse at night. The first reason can be that when a person is lying down, the blood moves faster towards the head. The extra blood in the area can increase the pain and pressure that feels like a toothache. Another reason can be that there is nothing to do at night, so our mind is not distracted in any other task, except toothache, there is no need to focus on the other side. A person may also find it difficult to sleep.

Tooth loss is a very common reason for toothache. If left untreated, caries can result in the formation of small holes in the tooth. Sinus infection can also be the cause of toothache in some people. This symptom occurs as an infection drain of the head. Symptoms such as infection pressure and pain may be more severe at night.

Pain killers – Taking pain killers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen is a common way to help with mild to moderate pain. But do not use more than the prescribed dosage. If the pain still persists, consult a doctor.

Rinse with salt water

This is a common home remedy for toothache. Gargling with salt water helps to remove food particles stuck in the teeth or gums. It is a natural anti-bacterial thought and can help reduce inflammation.

clove- Eugenol is the main ingredient in cloves. It works as a pain reliever. To use it, make a paste by soaking cloves in water and apply it on the tooth. A clove can also be placed on the affected area, chew it slowly for relief from pain.

Mint tea- Sucking on mint tea can help relieve the pain temporarily. Research has proved that mint has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. The active ingredient menthol may also have little effect in analgesics.

Garlic- The main component of garlic is allicin. It has a strong antibacterial effect that kills the bacteria responsible for toothache. Simply chewing garlic and keeping it near the affected area will help in the pain. These home remedies can give temporary relief. If the toothache lasts longer than two days, then it is necessary to visit the doctor.

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