Who is the killer of Haiti’s president: a 63-year-old Haitian-American doctor accused of assassinating President Jovenel Mois; Used to say- God has sent me


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Haiti’s President Jovenel Mois (48) was assassinated on 7 July. The attack took place when Mois was at his residence in Port au Prince with his wife Martini Mois. An encounter also took place during the attack and the police killed 4 suspects.

About 26 people have been arrested so far on charges of conspiracy to murder, but Haiti police are eyeing 63-year-old Haitian-American doctor Christian Emmanuel Senon. Who used to say that God has sent him. Know about the murder of the President and the doctor surrounded by his allegations …

How was Moise murdered?
Mois became the President of Haiti in 2017. On 7 July he was at his home in Port au Prince. A trend attacker entered the residence and opened fire on them. Bullets were also fired at his wife. Moise died and his wife is in critical condition.

What did the wife say?
Moise’s wife has been admitted to a hospital in Miami. From there he has issued an audio message. In this, she said that she would continue the fight for Moise. Haiti’s newspaper Le Nouveliste said none of his loyalists came to rescue the president during the attack. This is unimaginable and unbelievable.

The photo is of Port o Prince.  Here a picture of President Jovenel Mois has been made on the wall built on the side of the road.

The photo is of Port o Prince. Here a picture of President Jovenel Mois has been made on the wall built on the side of the road.

Who is Doctor Christian Emmanuel?
Christian Emmanuel from Florida is American-Haitian. In 2011, she posted a YouTube video, which revealed a lot about her. In this video, he described himself as a doctor. According to The Guardian, Emmanuel traveled to the US on a private plane in June and played the role of a middleman between the man who plotted the assassination of President Moise and the hitman who killed him. Florida police said that Emmanuel had also negotiated with a private security firm to recruit people to carry out this conspiracy.


What is the reason behind Moise’s murder?

  • The reason behind Moise’s murder is not yet clear, but it is believed that this murder has been carried out for political change in Haiti. As for Emmanuel’s intentions, it becomes clear from an interview with Professor Michael Plenser at the University of Cusqueia in Port and Prince in June to the New York Times.
  • Michael Plenser told the New York Times that he had met Emmanuel twice. The first meeting took place on 1 June and after that the second meeting took place a few days later. During this, about 8 more people were present. It was clear from the conversation that Emmanuel was to talk about running the rule of Haiti.
  • Professor Plenser told – Emmanuel used to say that God had sent him. He said that he is on God’s mission and this mission is to remove Moise. Used to say that the President would resign soon, but did not give the reason. He said that he would prepare a martial plan to run Haiti. He seemed a little crazy. He used to talk about changing the French language here to English as the official language.

What do the Haiti Police have to say about the reason?
The Haiti police have so far said that Emmanuel wanted to be the president and that is why Mois was murdered. The Drug Enforcement Administration’s cap has been found from Emmanuel’s house. The killers wanted to bluff by pretending to be a member of this administration. Apart from 20 boxes of bullets and 4 license plates, much has been found.

The police said that the role of Inmanuel in this conspiracy was very big, but on the question of how a doctor could hatch such a conspiracy to become the president, the police have no concrete answer on this.

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