Well accident in Vidisha, 4 dead ..10 missing: Rescue teams arrived 3 hours after the accident; Seeing the gathering of minister-officers, the mother got angry, spread her hands and said – where were you when my child fell..


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  • Madhya Pradesh | At Least 15 People Fall Into A Well In Ganjbasoda Area In Vidisha Yesterday. Four People Have Died, 7 8 People Remain Missing, Search And Rescue Operation Is Still Underway.

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In Madhya Pradesh, the work of evacuating the people who fell in the well in Ganjbasoda of Vidisha district is going on even after 14 hours. Four people have died. It also includes father and son. 10 people are still missing. Meanwhile, the weeping video of the missing Ravi’s mother and grandmother has come to the fore. Seeing the gathering of ministers and officers at the spot, the anger of the mother erupted. Extending his hand, he said- Where were you when my child fell? I have only one son. Actually, the accident of falling in the well with the child happened at around 6.30 pm yesterday. After this the crowd including Munder also fell in it. NDRF, SDRF etc. teams had reached at 10 pm.

Police have sealed an area of ​​1 kilometer from the spot. The police are afraid of demonstrations. ADGP Sai Manohar has confirmed that three bodies have been recovered, while the local villagers have informed about four deaths. Here, the rescue is being hampered due to continuous water coming due to the lake in the well. The well is not completely empty.

There was a big accident here late Thursday evening. After a child fell in the well, the wall of the well broke due to the weight of the people who came to take him out and many people fell inside. Till morning 20 people have been evacuated and taken to the hospital. The bodies of 4 people have also been pulled out from the well. At present, bodies of Shubham (20), his father Sunil (50), Narayan Kushwaha (45) and another have been recovered.

Crying family.

Operation going on since night
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was also in Vidisha district on the night. He had dispatched officers to the spot. Vidisha’s in-charge minister Vishwas Sarang also reached Vidisha from Bhopal. NDRF and SDRF teams had started relief and rescue operations in the night itself. which is still ongoing. On Friday morning, the Chief Minister announced an assistance of Rs 5 lakh to the families of the deceased and Rs 50,000 to the injured. The Chief Minister said that the rescue operation is being continuously monitored.

JCB digging near the well.

JCB digging near the well.

4 killed after falling into a well in Vidisha: First the child fell, then the well was sunk by the weight of the crowd gathered to save him, 20 were pulled out; Rescue underway

baby don’t even know
At around 6.30 pm on Thursday, a 13-year-old boy named Ravi Ahirwar fell into a 40 feet deep well in Lal Pathar village. The well was full of water. After that there was a crowd there. Suddenly the well collapsed due to the weight of the crowd. Due to this, about 30 people standing there had fallen. The child who first fell into the well in the rescue operation is yet to be found.

it’s still missing
1.Sandeep son Akhilesh
2. Abhishek son Omkar
3. Ravi son Omkar
5.Krishna Gopal Ahirwar
6. Govind son Karan Singh
7.Dinu son Dhan Singh
8. King’s son Ratiram
9.Pawan Putra Balkishan
10.Vicky Putra Shivnath

theFive members of the rescue team injured
NDRF got information in Bhopal at 9:15. After this the team left for Ganjbasoda. During the accident, 5 members of NDRF and SDRF who were doing the rescue were injured. Two people were injured when the tractor fell into the debris. Apart from this, three members of the rescue have been injured. The injured Lakshmi Narayan, Ramesh, Mohan, Golu and Shashidhar were injured. Those who have been admitted to the hospital.

They have been rescued and admitted to the hospital
1. Manoj son Rati
2. Mevalal Putra Kalyan
3.Srikanth son Ramanand
4. Fearless son Panna Lal
5. Rohit son Devendra
6.Sridham Putra Narayan
7. Jeetendra son Ganeshram
8. Raju Putra Sadi Lal
9. Dalip son Asharam
10. Shivraj’s son Ramswaroop
11. Balkishan son Moolchandra
12.Beautiful Son Lightweight
13. Raju Putra Sadi Lal
14. Dasharatha’s son Kripa
15. Sunil Putra Lakhan

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