Vicious of 10th pass sextortion in MP: 15 year old student makes nude videos of boys posing as girl, then extorts money by blackmailing, made his uncle the first victim


Singrauli3 hours ago

In Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, a 15-year-old 10th pass student turned out to be vicious of sextortion. He implicated the boys as a girl and recorded their nude videos. He made WhatsApp calls to boys and sent porn videos in the name of the girl by downloading banned software. Then by making a video call, making them nude and recording them. Then he started extorting money by threatening to put these videos on social media. The minor accused made his uncle the first victim. Police have arrested the accused. He has been sent to Rewa Children’s Correctional Home.

ASP Anil Sonkar told that the accused is knowledgeable in technology. He had installed banned software in India on his phone through Virtual Private Network (VPN) showing the location UAE. With this, he used to call boys on WhatsApp in the name of girls. The accused has cheated by making more than 15 fake IDs so far. Many of these IDs have also been closed.

The accused got caught like this
A 21-year-old youth from Morvi lodged a complaint with the police station that a girl named Priyanka had made a nude video of her by calling her on WhatsApp. Now she is demanding money by threatening to make the video viral. At the same time, a boy from my neighborhood used to stop the video from going viral earlier. But now he is saying that this time he will not be able to stop. Due to the statement of the victim, the police suspected the neighboring boy and strictly interrogated him, then the whole matter was revealed and the same boy turned out to be the accused.


The accused used to implicate people in his words. After that he used to download and send the video from porn website and tell that it is the same. After that, when the man fell in his trap, he insisted on making a nude video call. During the nude video call, he used to record the video and then on the basis of the video he used to blackmail and extort the money he wanted.

The accused was so clever that he always took money online and with that money used to buy hacking software through darkwave. Apart from this, he has also got money converted into cryptocurrency, which is under investigation.

Blackmailing started from home
Inspector Manish Tripathi of Morwa police station said that the accused started the blackmailing from his house itself. The first target he made was his real uncle. He first sent a porn video to uncle. After watching porn uncle started talking to her. When the uncle got caught in his trap, he made a video call and recorded the uncle and started blackmailing him. Police said that he had extorted 25 thousand rupees from his uncle. When the uncle did not complain about it anywhere, the courage of the accused increased and made many people his victims.

The accused has made many officers and minors victims
The minor accused has also victimized many senior and junior officers of Northern Coldfield Limited (NCL). But people have not come forward for fear of slander. Apart from this, he has also interacted with many minor girls as a boy and earned money by making their videos.

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