Ventilator received from PM fund killed child: Kanpur Medical College doctor’s letter revealed; HOD wrote – If the bad ventilator is not removed then more will be known


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Ventilator received from PM Care Fund killed a child in Kanpur. This has been revealed from the letter of the pediatrician of Kanpur Medical College (GSVM). The doctor has clearly written in the letter that the Agva ventilator is bad. They automatically shut down on the go. A child lost his life due to the sudden shutdown of the ventilator.

The President of the Pediatrician Department has also forwarded the letter to the doctor, demanding the removal of the ventilator. Failure to do so is expected to result in more deaths. A letter has been written to the principal twice in this matter by the Department of Pediatrics. One letter has been written on 25 May 2021 and the other on 6 July 2021. However, it does not say when the child died due to a bad ventilator.
Rahul Gandhi also raised questions on 7 July 2020

On 7 July 2020, with the hashtag #BJPFailsCoronafight, Rahul Gandhi also raised questions on the quality of 10,000 ventilators being given from the PM Cares Fund. While tweeting on the ventilators given from the PM Care Fund, Rahul wrote – ‘There are many similarities between the ventilators of PM Care and the PM. Too much false propaganda of both, utter failure to do their job and difficult to find both in time of need.

Dr. Diwakar Vaish, co-founder of Agva, had given its specifications by giving a demo at that time.

Dr. Diwakar Vaish, co-founder of Agva, had given its specifications by giving a demo at that time.

The owner of the ventilator company had given clarification
On this allegation of Rahul, Dr. Diwakar Vaish, co-founder of Agva Ventilator Company, clarified that Rahul is not a doctor. First they have to understand the mechanism of this ventilator. He had said that normal ventilators cost 10 to 15 lakh rupees. The ventilators of our company are from 1 to 1.50 lakh rupees. Their mechanism is also different. Some hospitals in Mumbai had also raised questions on ventilators. On this, the company had clarified that those hospitals had installed ventilators from third parties. The company had said that there is a need to understand the oxygen calibrator of this ventilator.

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