US will not leave Afghan aides in trouble: If Taliban terrorists do not kill, America will take those who help the army along


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American soldiers are returning after fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan for nearly two decades. -file photo

Along with its soldiers, America will also take out those people from Afghanistan who have helped American soldiers in fighting the Taliban. However, it has not yet been clarified that how many such Afghan people will be there?

Afghanistan has been going through a period of violence for the last several years. These days the ‘homecoming’ of American soldiers is going on from here. Afghan citizens who helped American soldiers fight the Taliban are now worried about what the Taliban will do after the US leaves. These people will either have to join the Taliban under compulsion or the Taliban fighters will brutally kill them.

America has now come forward to get these people out of the dilemma. A senior US official said that for those who are already in the process of getting Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), flights from Afghanistan will start in the last week of July.

Afghan soldiers capable of defending country: US official
According to the US official, on the instructions of President Joe Biden, the operation is being started to relocate willing and eligible people of Afghan origin. He said the US is confident that Afghanistan’s armed forces have the tools and capabilities to defend their country.

American soldiers will return by August
The withdrawal of American soldiers who have been living in Afghanistan for almost two decades is going on. US Central Command reported this week that about 95% of troops had returned to the US. He will fully return to his country by August.

Talks between Afghanistan and Taliban fail
Taliban fighters have stepped up efforts to retake the whole of Afghanistan. The Taliban claim that they have captured 85 percent of the country. However, talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban insurgents are ongoing. The problem is that while on the one hand the rebel groups are negotiating the table, on the other hand their fighters are occupying the border areas. It is believed that the peace talks in Doha have largely failed. The Taliban now want to run their rule over Afghanistan completely at gunpoint.


Fighting with Taliban continues in 150 out of 376 districts
Afghan army personnel are fighting the Taliban in 150 of the 376 districts. One-third of the country is in active fighting. More than two lakh people have been displaced in the country since April 2021 alone, in which around 4,000 people have died. Insurgents have seized control of much of northern Afghanistan in recent days. However, the Taliban say they do not want to fight the government inside the cities.

What and how is the Taliban?

  • From 1979 to 1989, Afghanistan was ruled by the Soviet Union. America, Pakistan and Arab countries continued to give money and weapons to Afghan fighters (Mujahideen).
  • When Soviet forces left Afghanistan, the Mujahideen factions came under one banner. It was named Taliban. However, the Taliban has split into several factions.
  • The Taliban are 90% Pashtun tribesmen. Most of them belong to the madrassas of Pakistan. Taliban means student or student in Pashto language.
  • There are also many Pashtuns in western and northern Pakistan. America and Western countries see them divided as Afghan Taliban and Pakistan Taliban.
  • The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. During this time only 3 countries of the world took the risk of recognizing its government. All three countries were Sunni-majority Islamic republics. Their names are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Pakistan.

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