US and Europe troubled by Chinese cyber attack: Chinese hackers blackmail through ransomware, issued joint statement for the first time


Washington DC11 minutes ago

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China is continuously conducting cyber attacks on America and many countries of Europe. Chinese hackers are extorting money in crypto currency from enemy countries by attacking ransomware. These allegations have been made by 3 US investigative agencies on China on Monday by issuing a joint statement.

It has been said in the statement that it is the Chinese government that conducts these attacks on enemy countries. This is the first time that a group of NATO countries and Europe have openly criticized China’s cyber attacks. The advisory has been titled ‘China’s State-Sponsored Cyber ​​Operation’.

These countries criticized China
The US, Britain, all countries of the European Union, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and all countries of the NATO group have criticized China for cyber attacks. These countries have said that the Ministry of Defense of China is getting these attacks done by its cyber activists.

Targets on sectors related to the economy
The statement said that Chinese hackers specifically target such sectors, which play a big role in the country’s economy. This includes service providers, semiconductor companies, defense industries, universities, medical institutions. China does this under a well thought out strategy. The joint statement describes 50 such ways through which China conducts cyber attacks on America and its allies.

These US agencies have issued a joint statement
National Security Agency (NSA), Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have issued this joint statement. In the advisory, all government and private industry organizations have been asked to be vigilant.

disclosed like this
US agencies obtained details about Chinese hackers through Microsoft 365 or M365. Cyber ​​hackers easily get the necessary information from this network. Before issuing the advisory, a senior US official said that America has been concerned about these activities of China for a long time. China’s Ministry of Defense conducts cyber attacks all over the world for its own benefit by giving contract to hackers.

The statement was issued even after the G-7 meeting
Earlier, even after the G-7 meeting held in June, a statement was issued against China’s cyber attacks. At that time it was said that freedom and democracy could be attacked through cyber attacks. Apart from the G-7, NATO countries also talked about making a strong policy against cyber attacks.

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