UPI Qr Code Payment Fraud; What Risks And How To Avoid It? All You Need To Know|QR Code Scams | By pretending to be an army officer with a fake ID, he wins trust, then spends lakhs of rupees from the account


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  • UPI Qr Code Payment Fraud; What Risks And How To Avoid It? All You Need To Know|QR Code Scams

New Delhi9 minutes agoAuthor: Ashish Kushwaha

UPI payment has made life easier for people. That is, even if you do not have money in your pocket, you can shop fiercely. Also, there is no tension of falling money out of pocket. However, in this era of digital payment, clever people are trying to cheat you in a hi-tech way. You pay by scanning the QR code. With the help of the same QR code, you can be cheated. Most of the cases of such fraud are coming to the fore due to buying or selling of goods from online platforms. Similar fraud has happened with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s daughter too.

Cyber ​​expert Sunny Wadhwani says that most of the frauds with QR codes happen when the buyer wants to buy something and transfer money in return. Let us understand how these frauds are happening.

Frauds happening in platforms like olx and ebay

Most of the QR frauds happen on e-commerce and websites selling old goods. This includes olx, ebay and other websites. The fraudster sees the product on the website and makes a call to buy it. Also agrees to pay the full amount of the goods. After this, he pays Rs 10 or 20 and up to Rs 500 to get more assurance. Then, pretending to be more, sends a QR code, so that the seller gets the payment as soon as he scans the code. But on the contrary, the customer gets caught in the trap of fraud. That means money is deducted from his account.


Share QR code with social media
QR code is shared in many social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Fraudsters ask to get money or scan the QR by luring any offer. But instead of getting money to people here, money is deducted from their bank account.

The app is asked to download
Fraudsters sometimes ask to download an unknown app in the name of QR code. When this fake app is downloaded, the fraudster gets access to your mobile or device. After this, they can control all the activities of your mobile, including Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, bank related and other apps. Fraudsters can even know your OTP after getting access. That is, you may have to lose important information and data.

Scammers posing as army officers
The point to be noted here is that they come across as trustworthy people to commit such frauds. Most scammers present themselves with the identity of an army officer. Or the police or government officials also tell. For this, they create fake IDs. Due to this, people easily believe everything they say and get caught in the trap.

Makeup artist also surrounded
Hackers also prey on photography service providers, makeup artists and other service industry professionals. For this, he pays them 50% in advance and asks them to give the remaining amount through QR code.

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