Upcoming Series: Netflix is ​​bringing Madhavan starrer ‘Decoupled’ to target the upper middle class, Surveen Chawla will also be seen in the series


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With projects like ‘Sacred Games’, Netflix targeted lower and middle class audiences. Now the production house named Bombay Fables is bringing the original series titled ‘Decapled’ for Netflix. According to trade sources, “Netflix has actually asked Bombay Fables to make a series whose target audience is upper middle class. There should be a story connecting the audience belonging to the wealthy, that is, the food and drink households. A series called ‘ is being produced. The series stars R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla in lead roles. Patch work is going on in Mumbai these days.”

This series will be shown very glamorous

Officials associated with the production house said, “Netflix’s intention is clear. They are bringing a series that connects the lower, middle and upper middle classes separately. So that the audience has a lot of options to choose the show of their choice. The Bombay Fables were directed by Netflix to show ‘Decapled’ as very glamorous and flamboyant. Their characters should be seen belonging from the high class society.”

In the series, Delhi’s bus depot was converted into an airport.

Under this, the makers had hired a common bungalow in Gurgaon i.e. Gurugram. It was decorated and given the shape of a villa found in the posh areas there. More than 25 lakh rupees have been spent on it. Traveling of the characters of the series to the surrounding cities is also done by chartered plane. The ISBT bus depot at Delhi’s Kashmir Gate was converted into an airport to show him. There the airport lounge area and cafeteria were created.

The series has also been shot in Goa.

All this was happening in the situation of Kovid itself. In such a situation, the makers got permission from the Bus Depot Authority for just two days to convert the airport. So in just two nights, the makers converted the bus depot into an airport look. There was a sequence of a high class party of the families of Madhavan and Surveen’s characters. Everyone was made to travel to Goa to shoot him. Up to Rs 30 lakh was spent to convert the bus depot into an airport.


Madhavan will be seen in the role of a writer in the series.

The creative team of the series also shared interesting insights about the characters and the story. He said, “It is basically the story of a married couple on the verge of divorce. Madhavan plays the role of a writer in the series. Surveen Chawla has become an investment banker. The reasons for the two characters getting divorced are different. Because of those reasons, people from the lower and middle classes will not connect. They will find that reason strange. There are other developments which will make the audience laugh, but they will also relate to them.”

Hardik Mehta is the director of the series

In the series, both the characters have to get divorced, but they have a daughter of nine to ten years. Because of that, they are not able to take divorces. He is not able to understand what he will explain to his daughter after taking the divorce. So far Madhavan, Surveen and the rest of the cast have shot for 45 to 47 days. The shooting started at the end of the last lockdown. These days the patch work of three days of the show came out. It is being completed. It was shot at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kalina, Santa Cruz. Hardik Mehta, who has made films like ‘Kaamyaab’ and ‘Roohi Afzana’, is its director. Also, the costumes of the series have been prepared by Athiya Tekchandani.

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