Under special contract with The Economist: There will be a referendum in Mexico for the case on five former presidents, people said – this is the spectacle of the current president


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  • There Will Be A Referendum In Mexico For The Case On Five Former Presidents, People Said This Is A Spectacle Of The Current President

Mexico CityOne hour ago

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Obrador wants to know how much public support he has, so that he can make other decisions based on that.

  • Last five governments accused of corruption-human rights violation

A very important referendum will be held in the North American country of Mexico on August 1. In this, voters will decide whether to prosecute five former presidents of the country on charges of corruption and human rights violations. Terming it as a mockery of the Constitution, the opposition said that the prosecution, and not the public, should decide whether to file a case.

While a section is saying that this referendum is a spectacle of trial. It has been prepared by the current President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. To this Obrador said, ‘I will not vote. I don’t have a sense of vengeance. Let the public decide whether the case should go on or not. There were corrupt governments in the country for 30 years. scams and electoral fraud. Failed to compete with drugs. Due to this, violence increased wildly in the country. I became the President to expose the actions of these governments.

Obrador became president after a major victory in 2018. Since then they have been pushing for a referendum to prosecute former presidents. The referendum is also being considered as the test of the next election. Obrador wants to know how much public support he has, so that he can make other decisions based on that. An important decision in this is the cancellation of the project of a half-built new airport in Mexico City.

Supreme Court had given permission for referendum 9 months ago

In October 2020, the Supreme Court allowed the referendum. It will decide the trial of former presidents Carlos Gortari (1988–1994), Ernesto Jedillo (1994–2000), Vicente Fox (2000–2006), Felipe Calderón (2006–2012) and Enrique Pea Nieto (2012–2018). Whether or not officials will be able to take steps to bring former presidents to justice if convicted

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