Treasury in the hands of Taliban: 300 crore rupees were found if they captured the post adjacent to Pakistan, this money had fled after leaving the Afghan army


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The Afghan Taliban, which has captured 85% of Afghanistan’s land, is strengthening its hold day by day. Taliban fighters are capturing Afghan army posts on a daily basis. When Taliban terrorists arrived to capture one such post adjacent to Pakistan, their luck opened. Here he got 3 billion Pakistani rupees (300 crores).

According to Pakistani media Geo News, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has accepted this by issuing a statement. The incident took place at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing at Boldak in Kandahar district. According to Geo News, seeing the Talibanis coming towards them, the Afghan army left the check post and fled.

Taliban flag removed from Afghanistan flag
After capturing the post, Taliban fighters first removed the flag of Afghanistan and put up their flag. This post is considered strategically very important. From here the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan can be easily crossed. It is called Boldak-Chaman-Kandahar Road. Now it is occupied by the Taliban.

Taliban looted money from smugglers
The Pakistani army has also confirmed that the Taliban has occupied the post. Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry has also issued a statement on the incident. They say that they are keeping an eye on the matter.

Pakistani Geo News says that the money that has been put in the hands of terrorists has been taken from smugglers. Whenever a smuggler was caught on this route, Afghan soldiers used to take bribe from him.

India had called 50 diplomats from the Kandahar embassy
Earlier on July 11, 50 diplomats and employees of India had evacuated the Kandahar embassy. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi had said that the embassy has not been closed. In view of the ongoing fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan army in Kandahar, the staff has been called for a few days. After this the staff of the embassy was brought to India by Air Force aircraft. The Pakistan route was not used for going there and back.


What and how is the Taliban? What was the role in the Kandahar plane hijacking?

  • From 1979 to 1989, Afghanistan was ruled by the Soviet Union. America, Pakistan and Arab countries continued to give money and weapons to Afghan fighters (Mujahideen). When Soviet forces left Afghanistan, the Mujahideen factions came under one banner. It was named Taliban. However, the Taliban has split into several factions.
  • The Taliban are 90% Pashtun tribesmen. Most of them belong to the madrassas of Pakistan. Taliban means student or student in Pashto language.
  • There are also many Pashtuns in western and northern Pakistan. America and Western countries see them divided as Afghan Taliban and Taliban Pakistan.
  • The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. During this time only 3 countries of the world took the risk of recognizing its government. All three countries were Sunni-majority Islamic republics. Their names were Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Pakistan.
  • When Indian Airlines plane IC-814 was hijacked in 1999, its last destination was Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan. At that time, at the behest of Pakistan, the Taliban blackmailed the Indian government in a way. Three terrorists were released and then our passengers could return to the country.

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