Today’s thought: If you want to get respect among people, then never forget these things


Aaj Ka Suvichar: Honor respect has an important place in a person’s life. On getting respect, the confidence of the person increases. His talent and skill are appreciated. That’s why every person wants to get respect in life.


But it is not so easy to get respect. To get respect, one has to adopt good habits along with struggle, hard work. The feeling of sacrifice and love is also very necessary to get respect. As long as there is a lack of these elements in life, respect remains away from the person.

Don’t do evil to others
To get respect, first of all you should avoid all kinds of evil. One should never do evil to others. Those who take interest in listening and doing evil, they drown in the juice of condemnation. By indulging in Nidaras, all evils come in oneself, so one should stay away from evil. Do neither evil nor listen to evil.

Don’t get greedy
Greed is the biggest obstacle in the progress of a person. When a person gets caught in greed, his happiness and peace disappears. A person is not able to enjoy even small pleasures, such people also do wrong things to prove their selfishness, such people never get respect.

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