Today Motivational Quotes Thoughts Of The Day Ramayana Quotes In Hindi Stay Away From Ego And Greediness


Quotes In Hindi: Lord Rama is called Maryada Purushottam. The character of Lord Rama is excellent. The teachings of Lord Rama provide success in life. The person who takes the words of Lord Shri Ram in life, happiness, happiness, prosperity and peace always remain in his life. Patience and patience are considered to be the most essential elements in success. A person who does not have these two elements, does not have the happiness of success in his life.

The life of Lord Rama provides inspiration to all. Man has to struggle and work hard to achieve his goal. The goal is not achieved without hard work and struggle.

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Importance of patience in life The character of Lord Rama is also a great example about the importance of patience in life. There is also talk about how policy and discipline should be followed in achieving the goal. That is why Ram is the best and the limit is the best. Lord Rama adopted a simple life and gave a message to everyone that in simplicity lies the joy of life.


Do not be greedy and pretentious – If you want to make people your own, then stay away from false pretense, greed and arrogance. Love and compassion is the essence of life. He who does not have love, kindness and compassion, has nothing in spite of having everything. The true happiness of life is not in receiving, but in giving. The one who understands the sufferings of others as his own, feels sad at the pain of others, that is humanity. Humanity should not be abandoned. The goal can be achieved only when the person is free from demerits.

Give up the ego Ravana was a scholar, he had a Lanka of gold and was also powerful. But the biggest demerit of Ravana was that he was very arrogant. Ego destroys everything of a person. So stay away from ego.

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