This special VIDEO of Tiger will surprise you: The young man approached the tiger sitting in the forest of Dudhwa National Park, said- ‘Hello brother’; unique answer


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  • Dudhwa National Park: Tiger Was Sitting In The Bushes Of The Forest, After Going 20 Meters, The Young Man Said ‘Hello Brother’ Video Goes To Viral

Lakhimpur22 minutes ago

Manoj Sonkar, deputy director of Shanal Park, said that in general, tigers have never attacked humans during the making of videos.

An interesting video has emerged from Dudhwa National Park in Lakhimpur, UP. Here a young man is saying hello brother by making a video very close to Tiger. Tiger reacts in a different way as soon as the young man says hello brother. Looking at the young man, Tiger lowers his neck. This video is viral on social media. Manjhra East village of Tikuniya Kotwali area adjacent to Dudhwa National Park is the same, in which Tiger has so far made about half a dozen people its prey. The residents of this area are forced to hide in their homes in the evening due to the terror of Tiger.

Video shot from a distance of 20 meters


A railway track is visible in the video. Across which a lion is sitting in the bushes. From across the track, the young man is making a video of Tiger from a distance of about 20 meters. At the same time he is also saying hello brother. Fortunately, Tiger did not attack the young man. Now this video is also going viral on social media. The matter is being told around Manjhra-Purab railway station of Tikunia Kotwali area.

Why didn’t Tiger attack?

Regarding the video, Manoj Sonkar, deputy director of Dudhwa National Park, said that usually tigers have never attacked humans during the making of the video. As long as humans do not harm the tiger, there are no attackers.

They are attackers only when they are harmed by humans or when their children are molested. Even in that situation tigers become aggressive. One tiger had died in Dudhwa in February in a mutual conflict and three more have died due to the disease.

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