Third wave has to be stopped: PM Modi objected to the crowd gathering at hill stations; Said- third wave will come like this, you will have to stop your enjoyment


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New Delhi7 hours ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday discussed the situation of Corona in the northeastern states. It was attended by the Chief Ministers of Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tripura and Nagaland. During this, Modi expressed concern over a possible third wave. He said that it is not right to crowd the hill stations, markets without masks and ignoring the protocol. This is a matter of concern for us.

He said, ‘Some people speak with tight chest that they want to enjoy before the third wave arrives. People have to understand that the third wave will not come on its own. The question must be how to stop it? How to follow protocol? Corona does not come on its own, if someone goes and brings it, it comes. If we take precautions, then only we will be able to stop it.

6 important things of Modi during Corona review

1. Prevention and Treatment Important
We have to keep an eye on every variant of the virus. To prevent infection, we have to take more strict steps at the micro-level. This is a fraud. Changes color frequently. How irritating it would be after the mutation. Experts are studying on this. Prevention and treatment is very important. We have to keep our full focus on this. The attack of the virus will fade in front of two yards of distance, mask and vaccination coverage.

2. Experience has to be used
Hemant Biswa Sarma was telling that he created more than 6 thousand micro-containment zones. This determines the responsibility. The more emphasis we put on the micro-containment zone, the sooner we will come out of this situation. The experience gained in the last one and a half years will have to be used. Many innovations have been made in the states and districts, these have to be continued.

3. The pace of vaccination has to be increased
Experts are repeatedly warning that due to inattention, carelessness and overcrowding, there can be a huge jump in corona infection. It is important that every step is taken seriously. Events that are overcrowded should be stopped. The center is providing free vaccine to all. For the third wave, vaccination will have to be accelerated. Celebrity, religion, education and people related to every field should make people aware about vaccination.

4. New health package also mentioned
We have to move forward by improving the infrastructure of testing and treatment. The cabinet has given a new package of 23 thousand crore rupees. This package will help every state in the North-East to strengthen its health infrastructure. Where cases are increasing, it will help to increase ICU beds. Oxygen has to work.


5. 150 Oxygen Plants Approved for North-East
Oxygen plants are being set up across the country. 150 plants have been approved for North-East. Get it done soon and don’t get in trouble. Prepare skilled manpower as well. Considering the geographical location, it is also very important to build a temporary hospital.

6. Testing Capacity Will Have to Increase
Trend manpower required. Trend manpower is essential for ICU beds, oxygen beds, new hospitals. Every help related to this will be given by the central government. Has achieved the capacity to conduct more than 20 lakh tests daily across the country. Testing capacity will have to be increased in every district of North-East. Aggressive testing will have to be done along with random testing.

Discussion with the Chief Ministers of southern states on July 16
PM Modi will review the situation of Corona in the southern states on July 16. During this, he will know the condition of the states from the Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Maharashtra and Kerala.

Bhaskar Opinion: The Prime Minister is right – avoid going out; But the government should also tell when the vaccination will be completed.

Prime Minister Modi has said a very important thing. He has said that people should stop their enjoyment to avoid the third wave. This is absolutely fine. The pictures coming from Himachal, Uttarakhand and other places to visit in the country are intimidating. The responsibility is ours before the government and governance. We have to adopt covid appropriate behavior. Otherwise we will suffer the consequences. But it also does not mean that the government should leave the people to their discretion. Tourist places should not be opened until 80% of the country’s population is vaccinated. It is essential for herd immunity in India.

On June 21, the government had launched a massive free vaccine campaign for all. But the situation is that many states are not getting vaccines. Where there are vaccines there are few. You are reading and seeing the news of crowding and stampede in the vaccination center every day on the Bhaskar app.

There should be less crowd at the hill station. With this, rapid vaccination will have to be done to reduce the crowd at the vaccination center. After all, how long will people sit in homes? For mental health it is necessary that they return to their normal life.

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