There is a greater risk of falling and slipping in old age, in this way protect the elderly


The elderly are at greater risk of falls and accidents due to increased bone and muscle damage. Having an elderly person at home means making the house accident free. For them too, taking care to avoid falling is as important as taking care of a child. Slips and falls can be more dangerous for an elderly person, leading to thigh fractures, injury and even catastrophic head and brain trauma. Therefore it becomes necessary that some precautionary measures should be taken at home. According to Punita Khattar, a provider of elderly care services in India, basic improvements can be made to prevent falls and slips at home. 

No loose carpet, remove torn carpet, tie loose carpet edges to ground. Keep the space as open as possible. Make sure the halls, stairs are well lit and clean the book or shoes. In case of stairs in the house, turn on the electric bulb. Wear non-sleep footwear. 


Place the lamp close to the bed where it is easy to reach. The phone should be kept near the bed. The bed should not be too high. There should be night lighting so that the elderly person can see when standing. 

Items should often be kept on the lower cupboard. Never use a chair as a step tool. Wear loose-fitting clothes when you go out of the house. Give walking stick on doctor’s advice. One must stay with the elderly. 

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