The tragedy of the Pataakha fame actress: Radhika Madan said – people had given advice, if you want to become a heroine, then correct the shape and size of the body parts


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Actress Radhika Madan’s Bollywood career is in the early stages, but due to her strong acting, she has achieved a lot of fame in a short time. However, she too has to face the reality of Bollywood, due to which most actresses are two-four. Radhika told that when she was trying to get a role in films, she was advised by many people that to become a heroine, she has to correct the shape and size of some body parts.

‘Some people said get surgery’
Radhika shared her ordeal and told- I was told that to become a heroine, one needs to be in a particular shape, size and height. Some even advised that some body parts get surgery done to correct them. I always questioned it, because I thought I was right. Who are these people to tell that I am not beautiful?

‘It’s not the journey, the destination matters’


She said, “Despite my efforts, I did not get work for one and a half years. It was very easy at such times that I started doubting myself, but I knew that the journey doesn’t matter, what matters is the destination. I tried to audition continuously. I kept trying to give a stellar performance. After that I signed my first film and got other projects after that.’

‘Weight gained during the TV show’
Radhika made her Bollywood debut with Vishal Bhardwaj’s film ‘Pataakha’ and her acting was highly appreciated. After this he worked in the film ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ and after that he also got an important role in ‘English Medium’. He also worked in the TV show “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai”. About this, he told that he did not get time to sleep during the TV show, due to which his weight had also increased a lot.

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