The actress spoke on the allegations against her husband: ‘The Family Man’ fame Priyamani said – the allegations of Mustafa’s first wife Ayesha have not affected our relationship


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A new controversy has started over the marriage of ‘The Family Man’ actress Priyamani. Actually Priyamani married Mustafa Raj in 2017. But on this marriage, Mustafa’s first wife Ayesha has claimed in the court that the marriage of Mustafa and Priyamani is ‘invalid’. She has made this claim because she is Mustafa’s first wife and she and Mustafa are not yet legally divorced before the second marriage. But now in an interview Priyamani talked about her and Mustafa’s relationship, and said that even though she is currently abroad, we still try to talk to each other everyday.

Priyamani said that communication is very important

Priyamani said, “Communication is very important. If you are asking about the relationship between me and Mustafa, then… we are definitely very secure in our relationship, even though he is in America now, he working there. We decide that we’ll talk to each other every day. At least if not every day what happened, just say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. If he’s busy So, they will probably call me or message me once they are free. Or vice versa, if I am busy shooting, I will do that.”

Priyamani-Mustafa keep looking for a chance to talk to each other

Priyamani continued, “We definitely do have a conversation with each other on some one issue. If nothing, just a little talk like ‘Are you okay?’ It’s a really great way to talk, if they’re tired or I’m tired, if they have someone to ask, it says a lot about that person and how they feel about you. We’re so secure, we make it a point to talk to each other, and that’s the key to every relationship.”

Mustafa married Priyamani in 2017

Mustafa and Ayesha separated in 2013, and he married Priyamani in 2017. He had told in an interview that Ayesha was trying to extort money from him. To this Ayesha said, “Mustafa is still married to me. The marriage of Mustafa and Priyamani is void. We have not even filed for divorce and while marrying Priyamani, she declared in the court that she is a bachelor.”

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