Talisman of Taliban: On the second day of the statement on Russia, trying to tell China as its own, Taliban also considered China as their friend


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  • On The Second Day Of The Statement On Russia, Trying To Tell China As Its Own, The Taliban Also Considered China As Their Friend

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Taliban spokesman Sushil Shaheen has said that the Taliban see China as a “friend” of Afghanistan.

The Taliban, who are rapidly occupying Afghanistan, clarified their stand on China on Saturday. Taliban spokesman Sushil Shaheen told the South China Morning Post that the Taliban see China as a ‘friend’ of Afghanistan. He assured China that it would not harbor Uighur Islamist extremists in its restive Xinjiang province. At the same time, he expressed hope that China would invest in Afghanistan to rebuild it, which was destroyed by the war.

Shaheen claimed that the Taliban had captured 85% of Afghanistan. In such a situation, it guarantees the safety of Chinese investors and workers. Last week, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the Afghanistan issue could affect both countries, so Beijing and Islamabad must work together to maintain regional peace. However, there has been no reaction from China on this offer. This week, China has taken about 210 of its citizens from Afghanistan to Beijing by a special flight.

Now the danger of increasing terror from Russia to China

Russia and China have become cautious as the scope of Taliban occupation in Afghanistan increases. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the Taliban to respect the borders of Central Asian countries. These countries were once part of the Soviet Union. Last week, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the biggest challenge in Afghanistan would be to prevent war and chaos. Fan Hongda, an expert on Middle-East affairs at Shanghai International Studies University, said: “Anarchy in Afghanistan can spread to other countries. This will lead to regional unrest. Know what is the concern of neighboring countries amidst increasing influence of Taliban.

Threat from more than 20 terrorist groups in India

Afghanistan’s ambassador to India, Fareed Mamundje, said, “Taliban has close ties with more than 20 terrorist groups. These organizations operate throughout the region from Russia to India. They can prove to be a big threat to India if Taliban dominance increases.


Fears of people coming to Russia from neighboring countries

It is feared that the Taliban action could lead to many people taking refuge in neighboring Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. These countries are neighbors of Russia. Russia worries that there may be a security crisis here.

TTP big threat killing 70 thousand in Pakistan
Pakistan helped the Taliban come to power in Afghanistan in the 90s. Now he is worried about the rise of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). This terrorist organization is to blame for the deaths of 70 thousand people. It is being said that TTP can target Chinese projects in Pakistan. Pakistan also fears the arrival of 5 lakh refugees from Afghanistan.

Bhaskar Expert – Major General (Retd) PK Chakraborty

India’s stand is not clear, but we should talk

  • What should India worry about? What is India’s stand now?

India’s position is not clear. However, India should discuss with the Taliban. We have to create confidence that we can talk about other country’s affairs. We should not be afraid that if we talk about the internal affairs of other countries, they will start interfering in matters like Kashmir.

  • How has India’s relations with Taliban been?

We have had relations with those fighting against the Taliban. We were supporting the Northern Alliance in 2001, which was taking on the Taliban.

  • Any challenge for India due to IS-Taliban conflict?

Afghans are not weak in fighting but they are weak in terms of airspace and modern weapons. IS and Taliban sometimes fight and sometimes unite. Both are terrorist organizations.

  • Is our border far away from Afghanistan?

As soon as we take off from Lahore Airport, we reach Afghan territory in 15 minutes. Apart from Pakistan, if we have to take fuel or if we need help, then only Afghan will be our helper.

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