Taliban-Pakistan terrorist jugalbandi: 10,000 Pakistani fighters reached Afghanistan; ISI orders – Destroy India’s 3 billion dollar infrastructure


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  • Over 10 Thousand Pakistani Fighters To Fight Along Side Taliban, Instructed To Destroy India Built Assets In Afghanistan

New Delhi13 minutes ago

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In the havoc that Taliban has wreaked in Afghanistan, now Pakistan will also support it. More than 10 thousand Pakistani fighters have recently reached the war-zone of Afghanistan. The Pakistani Intelligence Agency (ISI) has ordered these fighters to destroy the infrastructure built with the help of India in Afghanistan.

In two decades, India has invested more than $3 billion in Afghanistan. Many construction works have been done here with this investment. These include the Afghan Parliament Building completed in 2015 and the 218 km long road between Delaram-Jaranj Salma Dam.

India has invested in many sectors here. Recently, India announced an investment of 3.5 million dollars for the Mulberry Dam along with several other projects to provide drinking water in Kabul. India has also made a big contribution in the education sector of Afghanistan.

Orders to erase traces of Indian aid in Afghanistan


According to reports, special instructions have been given to Pakistani terrorists that they have to erase the credibility of India in Afghanistan. The help that India has provided here over the years has to be completely dismantled. However, this is not the first time that Pakistan is damaging India’s assets in Afghanistan. For many years, the Haqqani terrorist group has been working against India in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan.

Indian officials leave Afghanistan
A few days ago, about 52 diplomats and officials have left Afghanistan amid Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. Indian officials currently in Afghanistan are unable to decide whether they should stay there as they have not been given any assurance from the Taliban that they will not be attacked.

Indian agencies are keeping an eye on the airport in Kabul, whose security will not be in the hands of the US military for long. Indian people engaged in civil works here have already been asked to leave Afghanistan.

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