Stock Market IPO News; Investors Gained Up To Seven Times As Initial Public Offering Listed Last Year | Investors benefited in most IPOs listed last year, investment money doubled to 7 times


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  • Stock Market IPO News; Investors Gained Up To Seven Times As Initial Public Offering Listed Last Year

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  • Burger King’s stock jumped 3.6x in 4 days
  • 60 rupees share went up to 220 rupees

Those who would have invested in the primary market of the stock market last year, they have gained up to two to seven times. Most of the IPO shares that came last year are currently trading at manifold prices.

IPO is called primary market

Actually IPO itself is called primary market. There has been a line of companies bringing IPO since Corona last year. It ranges from established companies to startups and new companies as well. The eyes of investors are now on the huge issue of companies like Paytm and LIC. Both these issues will hit the market this year.

The issue gave the best advantage

Shares of Happiest Mind have given a gain of almost 8 times in the IPO shares listed last year, which have given excellent benefits to investors. Its IPO came in September 2020 at Rs 166. Now it is trading at Rs 1,491. Root Mobile also brought an IPO in September 2020. It came in at Rs 350 and is currently trading at Rs 2,060. That is, a profit of 4.88 times has been received.

Angel Broking gave a profit of 3.15 times

Broking company Angel Broking’s IPO has given a profit of 3.15 times. Its IPO came in October 2020 at Rs 306. Now it is trading at Rs 1,271. The issue of Rosary Biotech came in July 2020. After a year, it has given a profit of 1.94 times. Its stock is currently trading at Rs 1,251.


Burger King rocked

Burger King was a big hit. Its issue came at 60 rupees. In 4 days it had reached Rs 220. However, later it went up to Rs 130 and is now at Rs 175. That is, it has given a benefit of close to 2 times. The issue of MTAR came in March this year. The share price of this IPO, which came to Rs 575, is now Rs 1,495. Gave a profit of 1.60 times. Easy Trip was also listed in March this year. The issue of Rs 187 is currently at Rs 411. That is, there is a gain of 1.20 times. Laxmi Organic also brought the issue in March 2021. It has given the lowest profit of 94%. It is currently trading at Rs 252.

More profit at the time of listing

By the way, if we look at the price of IPO and then the price of listing, then investors have got good profit in this too. But some companies have made losses after listing. There have been stocks like Mrs. Bector, Indigo Paints which are trading with a decline after listing.

38 companies were listed last year

Last year, a total of 38 companies were listed on the stock exchange. Out of this, the share price of 34 companies is trading at a higher price than the price of their IPO. That is, only 10% of the issue has given losses to the investors. Investors are eyeing the issue of Zomato to be listed tomorrow. It has been the least subscribed issue in the recent IPO. It’s only 38 times full.

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