Skills learned at the end of age: 68 year old Indian-origin grandmother took training to learn swimming, Google, watch videos; The message is don’t give yourself the option to give up


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Vijaya Srivastava of Indian origin

We often discuss that age is just a number, if the will is strong then any work can be done at any age. One such inspiring story is that of Vijaya Srivastava of Indian origin living in San Francisco. He learned swimming for the first time at the age of 68. Earlier, Vijaya used to spend her time with her grandson or going to the library. They never even needed it. But at this age he took training in swimming. And after that his life changed completely, Read how this happened, in his own words…

Never try to run away from the situation, keep strong mental preparation, the fear of failure will go away: Vijaya

‘I grew up in India, never feeling the need to swim in swimming pools, or rivers and ponds. So never even thought about it. After coming to America, when his health started deteriorating, treatment went on. Once the doctor told me that medicine has its place, if you go swimming, your health will improve a lot. So I asked the doctor if it would be okay to learn swimming at this age.

The doctor said of course you will be helped by professional training. My neighbor and I discussed this with the trainer who trained in high school, so she agreed. Although before that he had not taught any elderly person to swim. He started training us three days a week. But I started going to the pool in the meantime too. Get ready early in the morning. Could not sleep properly, kept repeating the steps of swimming even in bed. Husband would say, what are you doing, this is not a pool.


After the training started, I started searching about it on Google. Used to watch swimming videos on YouTube too, but seeing them was confusing. Later my daughter told me about the total immersion swimming video, in which a man explains the nuances of swimming, it helped a lot. For a long time swam only in less deep water. But the trainer said that you should also go to the other end. Not having courage, he assured that he would not let drowning.

Eventually I did it. Neighbors were watching my struggle for a long time, they also encouraged by clapping. My children, siblings were proud of me. Because no one takes such risk at this age. My point to all those who are reaching the age of slack is to never give yourself the option of giving up. I never tried to run away from the situation. If you are ready to do something with mental strength, then there is no room for failure. -Vijaya

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