Sirisha Bandla, Indian-origin astronaut in discussion: If weak eyes did not let NASA go, then Plan B was made to go to space


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  • If Weak Eyes Did Not Let NASA Go, Then Plan B Was Made To Go To Space, Indian Origin Sirisa Bandla A Astronaut

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Sirisha practicing zero gravity flying during her college days.

  • On Sunday, she became the fourth Indian to fly into space, traveling on a plane owned by Richard Branson’s company.
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  • Born: 22 January 1987 (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Education: Bachelor of Science and MBA
  • Family: Spouse- Sheen Hoo
  • Father- Murlidhar, Mother- Anuradha

Astronaut 004… Now this is the new identity of Sirisha Bandla of Indian origin. When he took off for space on Sunday, a total of 4 passengers on the private plane were given similar numbers. When the Virgin Galactic Company chose his name for space travel, even his family members were not aware of it. On the day of the announcement, Sirisha posted a message in the family’s chat group – ‘I am going to space.’ After this, along with his family in America, the family members living in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh also jumped with joy.

In addition to Sirisha, Virgin Group’s owner Richard Branson was carrying four passengers and two of the crew on the Virgin private jet. In this journey of less than an hour, the crew even felt the weightlessness of space for a few minutes. Sirisha is the fourth Indian to achieve the feat of going to space.

Earlier this glory was achieved by Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams. However, this visit of Sirisha was not for the purpose of research and study. Before Virgin, Elon Musk’s company Space X has also done space travel as an experiment. Now Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin is also ready to take passengers by private plane. Sirisha is the Vice President of Government Affairs at Virgin Galactic.

Sirisha went to space as a researcher experience

Sirisha born in Andhra Pradesh, brought up in America
Sirisha was born in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Father Muralidhar was an agricultural scientist in America. Sirisha lived in India till the age of four. Then settled in Houston, America. Sirisha’s grandfather says in an interview that like ordinary children, the moon and stars used to attract him very much. NASA’s Johnson Space Center is in Houston, USA.

The house was also near this space center. In such a situation, Sirisha went on field visits there several times. During this time his interest in space increased. In Sirisha’s family, elder sister Pratyusha is a biological science technician in America itself. Sirisha often comes to India with family to spend the holidays.

Virgin got three promotions in six years, got Youth Star Award
Sirisha earned her BS degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering in 2011. Joined Virgin Galactic in 2015 as a Government Affairs. After this, Virgin Orbit stayed in different positions for three years. In January 2021, she was elected Virgin Galactic’s Vice President of Government Affairs.

He got three promotions in six years. She has been the Associate Director of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. Sirisha is also associated with the Telugu Association of North America. It is the oldest and largest Indo-American organization in North America. A few years back, Sirisha was awarded the Youth Star Award by the same organization.

It was known in school, would not be able to go to NASA
Sirisha says that she always dreamed of making a career in space. But in the tenth it was found that the eyesight is weak and can not become an engineer or pilot in NASA. But in 2004, it came to know about the Spaceship One aircraft winning the X Prize. Sirisha says that at that time she got a plan B to go to space.

After graduation, she went to work in a defense company. Then came to know about a job in the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. It is a consortium of private space companies. In this, he started his job as an intern. Sirisha says now there is no need to become an engineer to go to space.

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