Side effects of online games: Online game companies make children addicted, then put psychological pressure to spend, parents are suffering millions


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  • Online Game Companies Make Children Addicted, Then Put Psychological Pressure To Spend, Parents Are Suffering Millions

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Dr. Murtaza with son.

Britain’s endocrinologist Dr. Muhammad Murtaza’s seven-year-old son, Ashaz, asked for a mobile phone to play a game with, and he happily gave it. But after an hour it was found that Rs 1.35 lakh had gone from his account while playing the game. When I checked the e-mail receipt, it was found that the son had spent this on the online game. He kept clicking on purchasing the game out of eagerness to keep playing.

He was unaware that every click would cost Rs 250 to 10 thousand. Will have to Dr. Murtaza says that if 40% of the income is spent in the care of three children, then there is not much savings. Have to use credit card. But the addiction to this game has destroyed the entire balance. 21 thousand refunds were received even after many efforts. I had to sell a car.

The son of Turkey’s Suzy Breuer (63), Michael lost his life’s savings of Rs 3.10 lakh in two days playing the game. Michael has many diseases including cerebral palsy, so he has to keep busy. After 10 months of hard work, Suji was able to get the refund. Still she is struggling for another refund of 85 thousand. Experts say that there are thousands of parents who are suffering for their children’s mistakes. Don’t know because they don’t complain about it.


50% of 3-4 year olds have a tablet, one in 20 a smartphone

Vicki Schobolt, CEO of Parents Zone, an organization specializing in digital family life, says online game companies use dark eye techniques to put psychological pressure on children to spend. The organization’s study found that more than half of children find it fun to spend money online. Last year 90% of kids played online games on the device. In the UK 50% of 3-4 year olds have TAB. This is a big reason for the growth of UK gaming industry from 10 thousand crores in 2018 to 72 thousand crores in 2020.

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