Sawan Mass 2021 Will Start From 25 July Know What To Offer And What Not To Lord Mahadev During Worship


Sawan Month 2021: According to the Hindi calendar, the month of Sawan comes after the month of Ashadha. Worship of Lord Shiva in Sawan is very auspicious, fruitful and auspicious. Sawan month is dedicated to Bholenath. Monday is also the day of Bholenath. In such a situation, the importance of Sawan month and its Monday increases in Hinduism.

Lord Shiva’s Jalabhishek is done on Monday of Sawan month. It is believed that Lord Shiva is pleased by worshiping it lawfully on Sawan Monday. The devotee should offer some things at the time of worship of Lord Shiva and do not forget to offer some things.

Monsoon Mass In God Shankar To dedicated do these things

  • Milk is very dear to Lord Shankar. Therefore, milk must be used in their worship. Milk is offered to Shivling in the month of Sawan. It is believed that offering milk to Lord Shiva brings auspicious results. Rudrabhishek is also done with milk in Sawan. This fulfills the wishes of the devotee.
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  • It is very auspicious to offer Datura, Belpatra, cannabis, perfume, sandalwood, saffron, Akshat, sugar, Gangajal, honey, curd, ghee, sugarcane juice and flowers etc. to Lord Mahadev in the month of Sawan. Lord Shiva is pleased by offering these things and fulfills the wishes of the devotees.
  • The red and white flowers of Aak are very dear to Lord Shankar. Therefore, while worshiping them, definitely offer these flowers.

God Shankar To No offer up these things

  1. Lord Shiva should not apply Roli or Kumkum. This enraged Lord Shiva.
  2. Kewde and Ketki flowers should not be offered to Mahadev.
  3. Conch is considered forbidden in the worship of Mahadev. Therefore, conch should not be offered while worshiping Lord Shiva.
  4. According to Hindu scriptures, coconut or coconut water should not be used while worshiping Shiva.
  5. According to the scriptures, Tulsi Dal should not be offered even by forgetting while worshiping Lord Shiva.
  6. Turmeric should not be offered during the worship of Lord Shiva. This does not give the fruit of worship.


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