Sawan Mass 2021 Know Why Belpatra Is Favorite Of Lord Shiva Before Offering It To Mahadev Know These Rules Of Belpatra


Sawan Mass 2021: According to the Hindi Panchang, the month of Sawan will start from 25 July 2021. The month of Shravan is very dear to Lord Shiva. It is said that Mahadev gets pleased with the worship of devotees in the month of Sawan. For this reason, people worship Mahadev according to the law throughout the entire Sawan and offer his favorite things to him. Due to which he is very pleased with his devotees and takes away all their sorrows and troubles. Among these favorite things, Belpatra is also one thing which is very dear to Mahadev.

It is a religious belief that worship of Lord Shiva is not complete without offering Bel leaves. It is believed that by offering Bel leaves on Shivling, Mahadev is pleased and the devotee gets the desired results.

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Belpatra is believed to be the destroyer of poison. According to the legend, his body became extremely hot after Lord Shiva consumed the poison that came out in the churning of the ocean. Then the Gods and Goddesses fed Belpatra to pacify the heat of the poison and kept bathing with water. Then Lord Shiva got relief from the heat of poison. Since then the practice of offering Bel leaves to Lord Mahadev started. But this thing must be kept in mind while offering Belpatra.

  • Always offer Belpatra with three leaves to Lord Mahadev or Shivling.
  • Bel leaves should not be cut or torn from anywhere.
  • Before offering Bel leaves, wash it thoroughly in clean water, only then offer Bel leaves to Lord Shiva.
  • Whenever you offer Bel leaves to Bholeshankar, keep in mind that water must be offered after offering Bel leaves.
  • While offering Bel leaves, chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.


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