Sawan 2021: Do not do this work even by forgetting in the month of Sawan, Shiva can become angry, there will be a decrease in wealth & happiness and prosperity


weak not persecute

All creatures like poor, old, weak and cattle etc. are very dear to Lord Shiva. Therefore, they should not be harassed or harassed. Bholenath suffers immensely due to persecution of old, poor, weak and cattle. This enrages them and curses them.

Sawan Maas in Day in no < strong>sleep

People should not sleep during the day in the month of Sawan. This month is best for meditating on Mahadev. The person who sleeps in this month. Lord Shiva gets angry on him. This does not bring blessings of Bholenath on him.

Guru Purnima 2021: Must do these remedies on Ashadh Purnima, wishes will be fulfilled, happiness and prosperity will remain in the house

family in feud don’t do

meatalcohol to avoiding



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