Samsaptak Inauspicious Yoga Is Being Formed Due To The Influence Of Sun And Saturn Know Its Bad Effect


Samsaptak Inauspicious Yoga: According to the calculations of astrology, on Friday, July 16, as soon as the Sun entered Cancer, the conjunction of the Sun and the planet Mercury ended and with this the auspicious yoga named Budhaditya also ended. Now the Sun will be sitting in Cancer sign till August 17. Saturn’s vision is falling on the Sun as soon as the Sun enters Cancer. Due to which an inauspicious yoga called Samsaptak has been formed. This Samsaptak inauspicious yoga will have a negative effect on your personal life and on the activities of the country and the world. Let us know about Samsaptak Yoga and its effect.

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According to mythology, Shani Dev is the son of Sun God. There is always a difference between the two. Therefore, even in astrology, these two planets are not considered favorable for each other. Whenever Sun and Saturn face each other, inauspicious and inauspicious yogas are formed. One of them is Samsaptak Yoga. Due to the formation of this inauspicious yoga called Samsaptak, there is a possibility of upheaval in the life of the person and the country and the world.


octave yoga of What Will happen Impact?

According to astrology, Samsaptak yoga formed by Sun and Saturn is considered inauspicious. During this inauspicious yoga, unwanted changes take place in our personal life and globally. This creates an atmosphere of mental dissatisfaction, tension and fear in your person’s life. There is a bad effect on health. There is also a feeling of discord and animosity in the family. As a result, the possibility of fighting and fighting in the family increases. Due to having Samaptak Yoga, political instability and weather or environmental irregularities arise in the country and also in the world.

octave yoga of effect To Less to do of Remedy

To avoid the effect of Samsaptak Yoga, worship of Shani Dev should be done and on Saturday, mustard oil lamp should be lit under the Peepal tree. If there is any inconvenience to know even the Peepal tree, then light a mustard oil lamp at home itself.


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