Safalta Ki kuji: To conquer fear, sentimentality and inferiority complex is the key to success


Safalta Ki kuji : Before setting goals in life, ability, hard work, anticipating results are the most important reasons for success, but before that, fear of problems, emotionality towards situations in mind And in the crowd of challenges, one has to fight with inferiority complex.

Scholars believe that if you fail in the desired task, do not blame luck and move towards the goal with devotion. For success, one has to keep away from unnecessary factors like loneliness, fear, hesitation, emotionality and inferiority complex. Don’t let one’s negativity, despair or physical laziness cast a shadow on your dedication, desire and hard work.

Use of every moment is necessary
A person should give full importance to his time for success. Take every moment and rest assured that everyone has the easiest chance of success. Recognize it and ensure success through hard work. Still, if you are unable to succeed once, then it is not right to waste time in some form of regret or disappointment. New days will continue to be opportunities. They have to be won with hard work, dedication and concentration. They have to be prioritized on more than one target. Don’t let there be confusion in setting goals, because don’t miss the opportunity by not doing things as planned, making excuses for your success by frustrated thoughts like luck, corruption and lack of money.


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