Revealed: Archana Puran Singh hid her marriage for four years, said – Parmeet did not want marriage to affect my career


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Archana Puran Singh reveals the reason behind hiding her marriage for four years. Archana who is also a judge on The Kapil Sharma Show married Parmeet Sethi in 1992. However, no one knew about their marriage till 1995. Speaking about keeping marriage a secret in an interview, Archana said that in the olden days, the thinking of the industry was that if a woman is married, her work will be reduced. He also told that Parmeet Sethi did not want Archana’s career to be affected by this.

Archana told the perception of the industry

Archana said, “At that time, in our industry, there was a general belief that if a girl gets married then her work gets reduced. In the industry, they used to say that married actresses do not get much work. There is a bit of arrogance in the industry, women and men have different guidelines.”

Archana-Parmeet did not want to make their marriage public


Archana further added, “The industry thinks marriage has happened, bachcha ho jayega (he is married and will have kids) and after that he might leave his films in the middle and not spend much time for work. Parmeet and I said we did this marriage for ourselves, we wanted to keep it private and not make it public. We both wanted to get married. Parmeet didn’t want marriage to affect my career. So we both got together. Decided to hide it.”

This was disclosed earlier also

Archana had earlier opened up about hiding her marriage in an episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ in December. In the episode, which featured Neha Kakkar and her husband Rohanpreet Singh, she then revealed that Parmeet wanted to marry her. Archana recalled that she was shooting for Saif Ali Khan’s first film at that time and did not tell anyone on the sets that she was getting married.

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