Rat entered the Parliament: Work was going on in the Parliament of Spain, suddenly there was chaos among the members due to the rat entering


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As soon as the speaker of the parliament saw

Parliament was in progress on Wednesday in Andalusia, Spain. Members of Parliament were about to vote on an important issue. Meanwhile, a mouse entered there. What was then, all the work came to a standstill and there was chaos. Some people started looking for the mouse and some started trying to save themselves.

It is seen in the video that as soon as the speaker of Parliament falls on the mouse, his scream goes out. The rest of the members sitting in the hall also stand up leaving their chairs and start looking at the mouse. The MPs look terrified. Despite appeals to remain calm, many members are seen screaming and running here and there.

Reuters shared the video
News agency Reuters shared its video, which has gone viral on social media. After watching the video, people started enjoying it. Like one user wrote that they need a cat. Another user wrote that people were so scared of rats in Parliament, imagine what will happen if a lion comes in front of them.


The rat was big, many members got scared
It is being told in the reports that the rat was big. Many members were even scared for some time. The rat was caught by the employees of a company contracted by the Andalusian Parliament and taken out. In this way, after the outcry, the functioning of Parliament resumed.

Parliament of Andalusia includes 109 members
The first elections were held in 1982 in the Parliament of Andalusia, located in Seville. It consists of 109 members elected by the d’Hondt system. At present, there is a coalition government between the People’s Party of Andalusia and Ciudadanos.

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