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Weekly Horoscope: Almanac (Panchang) According to this, 12th July, Monday is the second date of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month. This week is special for everyone, some zodiac signs will have to pay attention to money, business and health this week. Let’s know this week’s horoscope.

Aries Horoscope
Many times this week, attention can be focused on impossible things, in such a situation you are advised not to waste money and time in such activities. You will have to work harder in important tasks in the office, due to the lack of staff, their responsibility can also fall on your shoulders. From July 14 onwards, keep an eye on both the completion of the works on time and their review. The business of cloth merchants may remain sluggish, but iron merchants will earn good profits. Give time to the youth in their favorite works in which they are interested. Dental problems can increase, from time to time consult a dentist. Meeting with relatives will continue.

Taurus Horoscope
This week is going to be more hectic, if any of your work is pending for a long time then it should be dealt with. Your mind will be happy due to changes in the last days of the week. People associated with marketing and advertising may have to work harder, but they will also get good results of hard work. The week is good for those doing business related to fruits. Can expand new business. Keep away from worry, otherwise you will fall in the grip of disease. If there is any misunderstanding with the father, then talk it out and remove it, then there can be a plan to spend more time with the family and party.

Gemini Horoscope
This week one should stay in the company of Bhagvat Bhajan and Guru. Negative thinking can become a hindrance in your progress, in such a situation, do not allow inferiority complex towards anyone. Following the rules of the office is the priority this time. It should also be kept in mind that the boss does not get angry till 15. To increase the business, the idea of ​​taking a loan can be made. People associated with the business of stationery can get benefits. The youth should move forward by increasing their capabilities. Drive the vehicle carefully, especially the two wheeler, keep the speed moderate. Good news will be received from mother’s side. You may meet an old friend.

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Cancer Horoscope
Do not take any decision in haste this week. If you want to invest money, then it will be beneficial to invest in an insurance policy, apart from this, investment can also be done in land. It will be good for the future to give only after seeing and listening to the loan till July 16. Those working in foreign companies are likely to get good exposure. The income of those doing wholesale business can increase, traveling in connection with business will also have to be done. In health, if you have a stone-related disease, then this time the pain can become a cause of trouble, so do not ignore the advice of the doctor in food and drink. Special care will have to be taken on the health of the spouse.

Leo Horoscope
It is very important to be gentle towards others this week, because ego can create a big problem in the present. It is not right to get angry over small things, in such a situation, maintain a loving and cordial atmosphere at home and office everywhere. People associated with the field of work may not get the desired results of hard work, but do not be worried, show patience. The beginning of the week may remain sluggish regarding business matters, but the end will be pleasant. It would be better to carry forward the planning made in the past. Patients of high BP in health should avoid anger. Give priority to the things of the parents, their needs should also be taken care of.

Virgo Horoscope
This week, while practicing to do things fast can prove beneficial, on the other hand, the position of planets in the middle of the week can create more laziness in you. Excess expenses should be curbed, so it is better to postpone unplanned expenses. People working in software companies will get a chance to work on new projects. Those who do business of clothes can benefit. The business of drug dealers will remain cold. If youth and students are active in work and studies, then the fortune will increase quickly. If possible eye patients, then checkup must be done by July 15. Do not let the harmony with siblings deteriorate.


Libra Horoscope
This week, restraint on speech is necessary, so it would be better if you do not give your reaction without listening to the whole thing in front. Keep a close watch on data security in the office, after July 15, people associated with the media sector are likely to get promotion. Those planning to add new partners in business will get good opportunities. Those doing real estate business can get good clients. Health benefits should be the main goal, so keep the routine right and stay fit. Those who are not married, the talk of marriage will go on. There will be concern about the education of children. Some good news can be received from the in-laws side.

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Scorpio Horoscope
This week, luck will increase profits, in such a situation, your name may appear in stalled money and lucky draw. There may be possibilities of transfer for the employed people, on the other hand, those who are in faraway places, try to come near their home, they can get success. People associated with communication will benefit. Those dealing in iron should not dump more goods, otherwise the goods may get stuck. The beginning of the week is not good in health, but the last days will go on getting better again. A plan can be made to go out somewhere with the family, in which relatives have to go. will meet with old friends.

Sagittarius Horoscope
If your work gets spoiled this week, then there is nothing to worry about. The planets are coming in a position to give benefits, so keep patience. You will have to stay away from disputes because staying away from legal troubles will be beneficial for you. Ongoing efforts in the field of work will lead to success. People associated with the art world are also likely to get better opportunities. Traders of readymade garments have to be cautious. In health related matters, avoid the consumption of outside food and junk food and consume more fruits in the diet. If the wife is willing to do a job, then she can get success. There may be a religious program in the family.

Capricorn Horoscope
This week, the economic disparities of the previous days will be towards the end, on the other hand, financial support can also be received from a close person. If the idea of ​​taking a loan is going on in your mind, then postpone it for some time, but it will be right to plan it. Your work may be reviewed at the workplace. It is not right to take big decisions regarding a new job. If there is a dispute going on in business matters, then the situation seems to be coming in your favor. Those doing business of electronic equipment will benefit. People of this zodiac should avoid carelessness regarding the global epidemic. The time has come to fulfill the assurance given to the father or elder brother.

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Aquarius Horoscope
Try to control the mind this week, in fact you may face some problems due to the position of the planets. If you have to work with the management in the office, on the other hand there is no need to take tension when the workload increases. From July 15 onwards, the boss’s company will be received. Traders of plastic and grain can get profit. In terms of health, be alert for infection. If you have recently had an operation etc., then be more alert. There will be concern about the ill health of someone in the family. It is important to use the capital in the right place, the burden of household responsibilities can also increase. Will be successful in fulfilling family obligations.

Pisces Horoscope
This week, forgetting all the worries and troubles, enjoy life to the fullest. If you can make the best use of creativity, then you should update yourself there. People trying for promotion may have to work very hard, after 17, the situation seems to be in your favor. Businessmen related to tannery and leather will benefit. Retail traders can invest capital in increasing the business. There is a possibility of joint pain or calcium deficiency regarding health, you can take supplements with the advice of a doctor. Continue the conversation while avoiding communication gap with your loved ones, in the present, gradually eliminate mutual estrangement. Now is the right time to buy a new item related to entertainment at home.

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