Ramayan: Sri Ram Setu was built for Lanka victory in five days, read interesting story


Ramayan :  The work of Ram Setu was as supernatural, its construction was equally unique. The 1400 km long Ram Setu was built in just five days, for the success of its construction, Shri Ram himself had kept a fast.

Science has also put a stamp on the connection with the Ramayana period. Not a boon, but a curse also became effective in its construction. This bridge, built for Sri Rama’s army to go to Lanka, connects Rameshwaram to Mannar in Sri Lanka. Till the 15th century, people used to travel the distance from Rameshwar to Mannar on this by foot and vehicles. It is believed that at the behest of Vibhishana, Rama himself had broken this bridge due to fear of misuse of the bridge. As the water receded with the passage of time, it was once again visible above. 

Ram Setu is known worldwide as Adams Bridge. Science also today considers this bridge to be associated with the age of Rama. They believe that there are many such stones between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka, which are about 7000 years old. 

Curse Banana Bridge  
Reaching Lanka by crossing the sea was a problem for the army of Lord Rama. In this, Vishwakarma’s monkey son Nal-Neel got a curse. Due to their naughty nature, they often used to throw the idols of sages in the water. As a result, the sages cursed him that if those stones were thrown in the water, he would not drown. This curse of his became an ally in the construction of the bridge. 


Ramsetu built in 5 to 6 days 
The construction of Ram Setu on the sea about 100 yojan long was completed in just 5 to 6 days. Hard to believe, but it’s true. American scientists also accept this. The length of the sea is about 100 yojana. There are about 13 to 14 kilometers in a yojana i.e. the length of Ram Setu is about 1400 kilometers. 

The bridge was broken 
While returning from Lanka after killing Ravana on the fear of misuse of the bridge. Ram had drowned Ram Sethu in the sea. It is said that over time the water level of the sea decreased and the bridge came up again.

Lord Rama had kept a fast
Lord Rama himself on Vijaya Ekadashi for the success of construction of Ram Setu. The fast was kept at the behest of the sage Bakdalabhya. The construction of Ram Setu was completed with the help of Nal and Neel. 

Science also believed man-made  
America Science Channel claimed that Ram Setu actually existed. After a research, he described Ram Setu as man-made. He told that the 50 km long line between India and Sri Lanka is made of rocks. These rocks are about 7 thousand years old. The sand on which it rests is 4 thousand years old. According to NASA’s report, this bridge is about seven years old.


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