Ram Became A Worshiper Of Shiva For Sita, Had To Fight With Her After The Victory.


Ramayana: During the Ashwamedha Yagya of Shri Ram, there was a huge army under the leadership of Shatrughna with the horse left for the tour, many kings caught the horse of the Yagya, but had to bow before the army. The horse reached Devpur, the kingdom of King Veeramani. Veeramani was a devotee of both Shri Ram and Mahadev, his sons Rukmangad, Shubhangad and brother Vir Singh were great. Veeramani did penance to Shankar and took a boon from Mahadev to protect the state. For this reason, Devpur was also called the city of Mahakal. When Ram’s horse reached his kingdom, Veeramani’s son Rukmangad took him captive. Told the soldiers of Ayodhya that the horse of Yagya is with them, so they should go and ask Shatrughan to get rid of the horse after duly fighting.

Veeramani was worried about this act of his son. He said that Shri Ram is a friend. If there is no justification for enmity with them, then Rukmangad said that I have challenged them, now returning horse without war will be an insult to both. On this, Veermani along with Bhai Veer Singh and both the sons came to the battle field with the army. Here, Shatrughan came to the war with the entire army. Hanuman told Shatrughan that this city is protected by Mahakal. We should explain to Veeramani through dialogue. If you are not able to explain then Shri Ram should be informed. On this, Shatrughan said that it is a matter of great shame if Shri Ram has to come to the battlefield during our time. After this there was a fierce battle between Pushkal and Veeramani, son of Bharata. Veeramani fainted from Pushkal’s divine arrows and Shatrughan tied the two brothers in the nagpasha. Shatrughan started singing the heroic lions of the army, listening to which Veeramani’s unconsciousness went away and after seeing the defeat in front, he remembered Lord Rudra Mahadev.

Mahadev, knowing the devotee in trouble, sends all the Ganas including Nandi Bhringi to the war under the leadership of Virbhadra. When Virbhadra cut off Pushkal’s head with a trident, Bhringi etc. attacked Shatrughan and tied him in a loop. Hanuman was fighting with Nandi with full force, when Nandi made Hanuman unconscious with Shivastra. Here, on hearing the call of the army of Ayodhya, Shri Ram immediately came along with Lakshman and Bharat and told Virbhadra in anger that now consider the end of your life. Simultaneously, Shri Ram attacked the Shivaganas including the army. He stunned the entire army including Virbhadra and Nandi with the divine weapons he had received from Vishwamitra.


On this, when all the Ganas called for Mahadev, then Mahadev himself came into the war. Seeing this wonderful sight, all the gods including Brahma appeared. When Mahakal entered the battle field, Shri Ram’s army became unconscious due to his brilliance. When Shri Ram saw that Mahadev himself had come, he bowed down to God by sacrificing his weapon. On this God said that O Rama, you yourself are Vishnu form. You have no desire to fight. Still, since I have given the boon of protection to the devotee Veeramani, I cannot back down. On this, Shri Ram fired all the divine weapons on Mahakal, but could not satisfy him.

In the end, he used the Pashupatastra obtained from Shiva, which directly got absorbed in the heart of Mahadev and the Lord was satisfied with it. When Shiva asked Shri Ram to ask for a boon, Ram asked for a boon to revive the warriors who had attained Veergati, including Bharat’s son Pushkal. Mahadev said smilingly and all the warriors were alive again. After this, King Veeramani returned the horse of Yagya to Shri Ram and gave the kingdom to his son Rukmangad and went ahead with Shatrughan himself.

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