Raj Kundra’s relationship with controversies is old: there were allegations from betting to harassing the model, the first marriage was broken in 3 years; Ex-wife made big revelations


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  • There Have Also Been Allegations Of Betting And Harassing The Model, The Ex wife Made Many Big Revelations After Breaking The Marriage

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This is not the first time that Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra has been accused of doing illegal work. Even before this, he has been accused of betting and harassing the model. The latest controversy is about making a porn movie. Police is calling Kundra the mastermind in this case. It is alleged that films were uploaded on the app only on his request. Let us know about the old allegations against Raj Kundra.

Kundra cannot watch the match in the stadium
Kundra is also the co-owner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Rajasthan Royals. However, after this arrest, now the command of the team can also be lost from his hands. Earlier, he was accused of match-fixing and betting in cricket. He was arrested by Delhi Police in 2013. He was investigated by the Lodha Committee and if convicted, ordered him to abstain from cricket-related activities. Raj’s team Rajasthan Royals had to face a ban of 2 years in the IPL. Can’t watch IPL match by going to Kundra Stadium.

Poonam Pandey also did a case against Raj
Controversial model Poonam Pandey had filed a criminal case against Raj Kundra and his associate. Poonam Pandey alleged that she has become upset due to repeated calls from outside the country and outside. He had said that in June 2020, a tagline (Call Me, I Strip for You) was leaked on an app. They claim that this app was being operated by Raj Kundra’s company.

First marriage took place in 2003
Raj Kundra’s first marriage was with Kavita Kundra in 2003. However, this marriage did not last long and Raj and Kavita got divorced in 2006. Raj had made some sensational revelations in an interview a few days ago about the breakup of Kavita’s marriage. In some of her interviews, Kavita had blamed Shilpa Shetty for the breakdown of her marriage. After this Raj Kundra claimed in his interview that his wife Kavita had illicit relations with her sister’s husband. Raj even said that his mother had caught Kavita and her brother-in-law red-handed many times.

Kundra’s father was a bus conductor
Raj Kundra was born on 9 September 1975 in the UK to a Punjabi family of Indian origin. His father was a bus conductor in London. Later he started his own small business. With time, the business of the Kundra family spread. Raj Kundra also spread his business to foreign countries. Raj is of Indian origin, but he has British citizenship.

Raj  Kundra is of Indian origin, but holds British citizenship.

Raj Kundra is of Indian origin, but holds British citizenship.

Accused of investing 10 crores in the app
According to the latest allegation, Kundra had invested Rs 8-10 crore in the porn industry. Kundra was first called for questioning and after that he was arrested. It is also being said that Kundra had also developed an app named ‘JL Stream’ to broadcast pornographic films.

Accused of uploading videos sent abroad
In the statement issued after the arrest, the Mumbai Police has said that Raj Kundra is the master mind of this entire case, that is, from the operation of the app to the content uploaded in it, without the approval of Kundra was not uploaded. Videos of films were shot in India and were sent abroad through ‘V’ transfer. After this, they were downloaded from there and uploaded to the app’s server.

Company formed with brother to avoid legal trouble
Raj Kundra and his brother living in Britain formed a company named ‘Kenrin’ for this app. Raj Kundra got this company registered abroad in order to avoid cyber law. These films were released on paid mobile applications. Porn films were shot in hotels and houses on rent. The police had also raided a bungalow in Mumbai before arresting Kundra. The shooting of a porn film was going on in the bungalow. Several cameras were also recovered from there.

Movies could be seen only by paying
Investigation has revealed that models were made to work in pornographic films on the pretext of getting work in big films. After this, people were charged money for watching the film.

such a case came up
In February, Mumbai Police arrested six people, including actress Gehana Vashisth. Three more people were later arrested. After this two FIRs were registered in the matter. The action was taken by the police for allegedly forcing the actors to suit up nude scenes for a pornographic film. Then it was also revealed that the films shot were released on paid mobile applications. After this, the police recently arrested another person related to the case, Umesh Kamat. After the arrest of Kamat, the police got a big lead and Raj Kundra’s relation in this racket of porn films came to the fore. the

This law regarding pornography in India

  • India has very strict laws regarding pornography and pornographic content.
  • A case is registered against the accused under serious sections of IPC along with IT Act.
  • The Anti-Pornography Law also applies to publishing or distributing pornographic content.
  • There is a provision for punishment under Section 67 (A) of the IT (Amendment) Act 2008 and Section 292, 293, 294, 500, 506 and 509 of the IPC.

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