Pornography Case: Raj Kundra’s name surfaced long back, Crime Branch took five months to gather evidence


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Actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra is involved in the porn video case, this was known to the police five months ago. But, the police had earlier done the work of gathering concrete evidence against Raj. During this, Raj’s name kept coming up again and again but the police did not make any haste.

Raj, who was arrested on Monday, has been sent to custody by the court till July 23. Police can question him more about money transactions in this case. Police already has records of conversations between Raj and other people, but police wants to take statement from Raj himself.

The model was shot after drinking an energy drink.

A 21-year-old model informed the police that she was given an energy drink. Later his obscene photos and videos were shot. After this information, the police raided the Mud Island bungalow. From where this porn racket was busted.

During the interrogation of the accused, the name of Raj Kundra came up. Some models had told that they were contacted only after stating that they were working for Raj Kundra’s company.

Police collects evidence against Raj

Senior Sub-Inspector Sandeep Gayade, on-duty in-charge of Malwani police station said that in February, the crime branch had got a clue. Based on this, the bungalow was raided. Then some of the arrested people claimed that they were working for Raj Kundra.

At that time there was no evidence other than this statement. The police did not consider it appropriate to arrest a celebrity businessman like Raj Kundra just on the basis of this interrogation. Raj’s name was not included in whatever action was taken at that time.


Wedgegate also delayed

Some models had given a statement in the media that Raj Kundra is involved in this case. Yet the police continued to act in its own way. It was during this time that the Antilia case was busted. In which the name of Sachin Wajhe came out. Moving forward in this case, many officers were transferred from the Police Commissioner of Mumbai. All this had an impact on the investigation of the porn case.

Then the police had filed a 500-page charge sheet in front of the 9 accused. After getting strong evidence against Raj Kundra, he was called to the Crime Branch for questioning and arrested.

Police is looking for money trail

Sources in the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police said that this case is just the beginning. Other people like Raj Kundra and other companies are also suspected to be involved in this business.

Porn videos were made and sold to more than one mobile app company. There has been huge transaction of money in this. It will be an attempt to find the money trail. Due to this, more names are expected to be revealed.

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