Pinch of climbing on the leaders of United Farmers Front: said before leaving for Delhi with the convoy – once the wife was also suspended – came to celebrate the same on the eighth day


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  • Before Leaving For Delhi With The Convoy, He Said Once The Wife Had Also Suspended Came To Celebrate The Same On The Eighth Day

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BKU Haryana President Gurnam Singh Chadhuni speaking to the media before leaving for Delhi in Karnal.

A convoy of farmers from Yamunanagar reached Karnal on Tuesday to join the ongoing movement on the Delhi border against the new agricultural laws. The convoy is being led by Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) state president Gurnam Singh Chadhuni. Chadhuni, who was suspended for a week by the United Kisan Morcha, took a jibe at the farmer leaders leading the front and said, “Once I was also suspended by my wife. Then on the eighth day she herself had come to celebrate.

It is discussed that through this convoy, Chadhuni has come out to show his strength to the leaders leading the United Kisan Morcha. Earlier on reaching Karnal, Chadhuni was given a grand welcome. When asked about differences of opinion with the leaders of the farmers’ groups, who were part of the committee that governed the United Kisan Front, Chadhuni said, “It is a difference of ideology. My ideology is that the mission should be Punjab, whereas the ideology of the leaders of other jathebandis is Mission UP. He is campaigning to defeat the BJP in UP.


Chadhuni said that the insider talks about the meetings of the United Kisan Front should not come in front of the media. Taking a jibe at Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar’s statement, in which Tomar had claimed that the farmer leaders could not point out a single flaw in the agricultural laws in the 11 rounds of talks, Chadhuni said that the government would also introduce new laws in these meetings. Couldn’t tell an advantage. If there is any benefit from them, then tell through the media.

Chadhuni said that if the new laws are withdrawn, it will be like returning the death warrants of farmers. The farmer will remain on the ventilator even after that. If the farmer has to be taken off the ventilator, then all those laws will have to be returned, which is weakening the farming and the corporate is going up.

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