Parvati’s Marriage Was Decided With Lord Vishnu Before Mahadev


Hariyali teej : Hariyali Teej festival is celebrated all over India on the occasion of the reunion of Lord Shankar, Maa Parvati. According to mythological belief, Mother Parvati did severe penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband, after which Parvati got Shiva as her husband, but due to the mediation of Naradji, her father Parvatraj Himalaya fixed her marriage with Shrihari Vishnu. Had given. Knowing such intention of Parvatraj himself, Vishnu himself had agreed to the marriage.

But the destiny was predetermined, seeing that she could not find Shiva as her husband, Parvati once again started austere penance and this time Mahadev herself had to come and give her consent for marriage. Pleased with Parvati’s penance, he granted a boon that like Parvati, whoever fulfills this fast with full devotion, she will get the desired result like Parvati.

According to mythology, when Maa Gauri reincarnated as Parvati in the house of Himalayaraj, she wanted to have Shiva as her husband since childhood. He did hard penance for this. During this, one day Naradji arrived, who told Himalayaraj that Vishnuji, happy with Parvati’s tenacity, wanted to marry her. Hearing this Himalaya was very happy. After this Narad Muni reached Vishnuji and told that Himalayaraj has decided to get his daughter Parvati married to you. Hearing this, Vishnu also agreed.


On this Narada reached Parvati and told that Himalaya has fixed her marriage with Vishnu. On hearing this, Parvati became disheartened and went into seclusion, hiding from her father. In a deserted forest, Parvati again started penance. By making a Shivling out of sand, he started worshiping while keeping a waterless fast. Shiva appeared pleased with the penance and promised to fulfill his wish. In the meantime, the father also reached the Himalayas, who after knowing about Parvati’s mind agreed to get her married to Lord Shiva. After this, by law, Shiva was married to Parvati. Shiva said ‘O Parvati! It is only because of the strict fast that you had done that we have been able to get married. From now on, I give the boon of the desired result to the woman who observes this fast with full devotion. It is said that the tree, river and water god Varun Dev is also worshiped on this day.

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