‘Panta Bhaat’, ‘aloo Bhorta’ Feast On MasterChef Australia, Know About The Dish


Bangladesh origin Kineshwar Choudhary is one of the top 3 contestants of season 13 of the Australia TV show Master Chef. The 38-year-old mistress of the printing business won the hearts of the show’s judges with her Bengali dish. The dish from West Bengal and Bangladesh got rechristened in Australia Master Chef’s TV show when Choudhary decided to serve ‘Panta Bhaat’ along with ‘Aloo Bhorta’ to the judges.

Kinshwar Chaudhary won the hearts of the judges by serving panta bhaat

He called the dish as Smoked Rice Water. What about this special dish? It is known that it is not only a dish but a feeling of shared cultural connection between Indians and Bangladeshis. Elderly women have been citing the benefits of this simple food item. In many households, the preparation of a leavened dish is done by separating the rice, then adding a little water and leaving it overnight to rise.

It is a staple food in the eastern part of India, especially for those who do physical labor. It is consumed as a breakfast ingredient, but before that mustard oil, a pinch of salt and lemon are sprinkled and mixed in the rice. Presenting the dish to the judges, Choudhary said, “You will not find this type of food anywhere in any restaurant.


Judges praise Kishwar’s simple yet powerful dish

So, it sounds weird, but it’s also very rewarding to do it as a dish in your show.” The judges couldn’t stop praising the final dish as they were being cooked. They called it a powerful food. The judges were very impressed with the dish. This cheap and healthy dish is called ‘Breakfast of the poor’. This dish is famous outside Bengal as ‘Geel Bhaat’ in Bihar. It is consumed especially in hot and humid climate. Keeps hydrated and gets digested easily.It is also good for gut health.

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