Pandavas Got Freedom From The Killings Of War In Nishkalank Mahadev


Sawan 2021 : Nishkalank Mahadev Temple is the temple where the Pandavas got freedom from the great sin of killing their loved ones in the Mahabharata war. Pleased with this, Pandavas worshiped Shiva by establishing Shivling here, since then this temple became the main center of faith of Shiva devotees.

In this temple built about three km deep into the Arabian Sea from the Kolyak coast in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, the waves of the ocean anoint the Shivlings every day. The only way to reach here is on foot, but even for that one has to wait for the waves to calm down. At the time of the rising waves, only the pole and the flag of the temple are visible, due to which it is not known that there will also be a huge temple of Shiva under the sea. This ancient temple dates back to the Mahabharata period. It is believed that in the Mahabharata war, the Pandavas won the war by killing the Kauravas, but they also committed the great sin of killing their own relatives.

To get rid of this, everyone took refuge in Krishna. Krishna handed over a black flag and a black cow for salvation. Told the Pandavas that you just go after the cow, when the color of the cow and the flag changes from black to white, then you will understand that you have got freedom from sin. Where this miracle will happen, Shiva’s penance will also have to be done there. Upon hearing this, the Pandavas started walking with the black flag in their hands. Despite roaming in different places for several days, the color of the cow or the flag did not change, by the time they reached the Koliak coast in Gujarat, the color of both the cow and the flag became white.


Happy with this, Pandavas started penance after meditating on Shiva there. The Lord was pleased with the penance and gave different visions to the five in the form of a linga. These five Shivlings are still there. There is also a Nandi statue in front of the Shivling and the five Shivlings are built on a square platform. There is also a small pond on the platform, which is called Pandava Talab. Devotees first wash their hands and feet here, then worship the Shivling. Coming here, the Pandavas got freedom from the stigma of killing their brothers, hence the name Nishkalank Mahadev.

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