Olympic’s Soorma: Skill and strength good, road to medal strong: Vikas


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  • Strikes and saves according to the opponent’s game plan, great control over hook and backfoot punch

Some children were racing in Bhim Stadium, when asked, it was found that he was a boxer. The father said to the coach Vishnu Bhagwan, who was keeping an eye on his speed – take my development also and make him a boxer, the coach said – this 10-year-old child will do boxing, will not be afraid. In response, the father said – he will neither leave the game nor will he be afraid. Practice started, the way Vikas used to become a topper in studies, he started showing the same style in boxing too.

After just 6 months of practice, he first started with a gold medal in the first state, progressed to the best boxer of the national in the same year and the world sub junior champion the next year. The winning streak continued even after 11 years. That too in professional boxing as compared to amateurs. Over time, his growing experience and international medals boosted his confidence that he would compete as the country’s most experienced boxer in the Tokyo Olympics starting July 23. Good rhythm according to the development I’m practicing in Italy. I know this is my last Olympics, I have tried my best.

Let us tell you that Vikas started in the game through badminton, but when one day he felt suffocated in the hall during practice, he was taken to the doctors, then the doctors said that where there is more suffocation, due to which he has fever. climbs up. There development was not easy. Then the father turned to another sport. Coach Vishnu Bhagwan, Bhupendra and Jagdish taught him boxing.


family will send 20 kg mawa
Vikas has a good command over science and English, besides playing chess and volleyball a lot, yoga and swimming are part of the routine for mental strength. He likes homemade parathas and mawa in food, preparations are being made by the family to send 20 kg of mawa to Tokyo. Retired father Kishan Kumar from Electricity Corporation said that he does not see any reason to keep the Olympic medal away from development.

That’s why the medal claim
According to senior boxing coach Vishnu Bhagwan, the trio of punch power, speed and experience is making the contenders for Vikas medal. He never loses control of the game, along with his game, he also attacks the opponent’s game plan. He has excellent control over the hook and backfoot punch. Apart from this, the successful professional boxing career so far has helped Vikas Krishan grow in strength. Professional boxers are much stronger than amateurs. Professional boxing experience increases the body’s resistance to injury during amateur bout.

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