Olympics near, Japan government is taking vigil: Corona’s fourth state emergency implemented in Tokyo, non-essential movement banned


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Japan in preparation to curb crowds even during holidays

Corona’s fourth state emergency was implemented in Japan’s capital Tokyo from Monday. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s government announced this. Officials said that this decision was taken keeping in mind the Tokyo Olympics. This emergency will remain in force till August 22. The Tokyo Olympics will begin on July 23, and will run till August 8. The goal of the government is to stop unnecessary movement during the Olympics.

The Bonn Festival holidays will also begin in mid-August. In view of the possibility of increasing the crowd, a state emergency has been imposed. However, some people say that even if there is no spectator in the Olympics. But many people will come from outside. Due to this there will be a possibility of increasing corona infection. Among those who say so is Toshihiro Numata of Yokohama City. Minato Ward, an elderly woman in Tokyo, said the purpose of the state emergency was never understood. This never solved the problem. Similarly Toru Kamada, a resident of Yao City, said that the government should insist on intensifying the vaccination campaign.


New virus raises concern in New Zealand, dominates children
New Zealand has almost controlled Corona. But here now a new virus has increased the concern. It is being called Respiratory Sensational Virus (RSV). It is affecting the children. It causes runny nose, cough, sneezing and fever in children. According to government data, 969 cases of RSV have been reported in the country in the last five weeks. While there have been 1,743 cases in a total of 29 weeks.

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