North India’s first case of its kind surfaced: Woman sitting in Germany hacked the wallet of Nabha’s youth, stole 3 million digital currency; Cyber ​​cell reached the main accused


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  • Woman Sitting In Germany Hacked The Wallet Of Nabha’s Youth, Stole 3 Million Digital Currency; Cyber ​​Cell Reached The Main Accused

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Cybercrime cell in-charge Preetpal Singh investigating the facts of North India’s first digital currency fraud case.

If you keep currency in your digital wallet or do any such transaction, then be careful. Cyber ​​thieves can zero your hard earned money in a blink of an eye. At present, the first case of its kind in North India has come to light in Nabha, in which digital currency worth 30 lakhs has been stolen from the wallet of a youth. While resolving this case, the cybercrime cell of Punjab Police not only reached the main accused, but also got several lakh rupees frozen despite being transferred to different accounts.

In fact, Preet Vihar, a resident of Atul Singla’s son Dharamveer Singla, had deposited 30 lakh rupees (in the form of Ethereum) of crypto currency in his Exodus wallet. These were stolen by a foreign woman Olga Rostunova and her unknown accomplices through an electronic device. Based on the complaint of Atul Singla, the police station Kotwali registered a case of fraud. According to the complainant Atul, coins worth Rs 30 lakh of crypto currency were stolen in the wallet, but there is no message about the transaction due to a different type of software related to that. When he checked his balance, he was shocked to see this.

The matter reached the Cyber ​​Crime Cell Patiala and the charge of investigation was handled by Preetpal Singh. He scrutinized each and every transaction made with this digital wallet after scrutinizing every aspect and working relentlessly on this case with his technical team, exposing the main accused Olga Rostunova, a resident of Germany of the whole game, along with the accused involved. A case has been registered against

According to Cyber ​​Crime Cell Incharge Preetpal Singh, these digital coins were taken by creating an account with the help of a software in the year 2003, but after a few days the complainant deleted this software, after which the criminals associated with cybercrime hacked the account. done. At present, the next action has been started to control him by contacting the German police.

What is Digital Currency?
For the information of Dainik Bhaskar readers, let us tell you that many new software have come on the Internet, which is downloaded and made a digital wallet like an account. In this, the user has a password and he buys a currency counted like a coin and deposits it in his wallet and he can use it to buy anything in any corner of the world. Although the trend of similar digital currency had started earlier, but it was not recognized by the Government of India, after which now this new trend of digital currency started.

take this caution
Atul made a big mistake regarding this incident. He deleted the software, but his wallet remained on the Internet. Therefore, taking care, first of all empty that wallet and close it using your password and only then delete the software.

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