Nora’s Dedication: Nora Fatehi was badly injured while shooting the action scene of ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’, shooting with the original injury


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This year’s multistarrer film Bhuj: The Pride of India remains in the news. In this film, Nora Fatehi is also going to be seen playing an important role of Hina Rehman, whose first look has also been released by the actress. Recently, the actress has disclosed that her face was going to be hurt for a scene in the film, although before that the actress got a real injury in her face. Later the actress shot with the original injury.

Referring to the accident on the sets, Nora said, “We were shooting for an action scene. The director wanted to shoot this scene with only one camera in one take. Me and my co-actor rehearsed for the scene in which he pointed a gun at my forehead, and I had to snatch the gun from his hand and beat him up. This scene went very well during the rehearsals which was done five minutes before the actual shooting. However, when the shoot started, the co-actor accidentally threw a heavy metal gun at my face and the end of the gun hit my forehead, injuring me. There was a lot of blood coming out of this injury’.

Nora was immediately taken to the hospital as soon as she was hurt. Nora was bleeding profusely due to the severe injury, which almost made her unconscious. But this accident also proved beneficial for the film. Nora was supposed to get injured through VFX for a scene in the film, where she gets hit by a mirror. Nora’s original injury was used for this scene.


Revealing another interesting anecdote, Nora Fatehi said, “After that day we shot for another action sequence, it was a chase sequence which demanded running, action and fast movement. I had to wear a sling for the entire shoot due to which I had to wear a sling during the entire shoot. Overall, it was a physically tough sequence, which hurt me a lot as I ended all my scenes without Tried myself as a stunt double, but I wear my marks with pride as it gave me a learning experience of excellence that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Let us tell you that Bhuj: The Pride of India is going to release on August 13 on Disney Plus Hotstar, in which apart from Nora Fatehi, Ajay Devgan, Sanokhi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt, Parineeti Chopra, Amy Virk and Rana Daggubati are going to be seen in important roles. . Apart from ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’, Nora Fatehi has several projects in her kitty, which are expected to be announced soon.

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