MP police put to shame: The police, who went to rescue the well of death in Vidisha, started eating and drinking, the father of the missing son said on the CM helpline – he is very hungry, send samosa-water


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In Madhya Pradesh’s Vidisha, 30 people who went to rescue 13-year-old Ravi fell into a well made of friable soil. When there was a shouting in the whole village, people dialed 100 and called the police. Despite such a big accident, the answer of the policemen was – it will take half an hour to come. Later some police came but instead of saving the people immediately, they got busy in breakfast and water.

The father, whose son had gone missing, became disheartened and saddened to see all this. In this desperation, he called on the CM helpline and said – Sir, they are very hungry. Send them samosa-water. Read the shameful story of MP Police who rescued people from the well of death…

‘Thursday It will be around 6:30 in the evening. My two sons Sanjay and Ravi had gone to draw water at the well. I interrupted them too..It’s dark..Don’t go now, now go in the morning. But he did not listen to me and said – Papa brings the bus. The eldest son Sanjay had just picked up two drums when Ravi suddenly fell into the well. It’s like Sanjay’s life is gone.

He ran towards the house… Screaming, gasping and crying Sanjay’s tongue was tottering. Still he said- Papa, Ravi has drowned in the well. Then what was it, as if the ground has gone from under my feet. We both took care of each other and gathered people around. In half an hour many people gathered and we went to the well. Here two people had already jumped into the well to save Ravi. I told both the people swimming inside that brother, it has been half an hour. Now my son is gone. You guys come out.

During this, about 40 to 50 people were standing near the well. The crowd was increasing. Amidst the noise, suddenly there was a loud noise and the crowd standing near the well in front of me got absorbed in the well along with the debris. The visor of the well was weak, due to which the accident happened. We were away, we survived.

There was shouting in the whole village. When we called the police, two policemen came after 2 hours, but after seeing the people, they also ran away. Then we called dial 100. Police personnel told that he is still at another place, it will take half an hour to reach there. I said till then nothing will be left.


Then I called 181. Here I was told that an ambulance was being sent. I said send help first, only when people will be evacuated then ambulance will be needed. After that some policemen came, but instead of saving they were engaged in having breakfast. I again directly called on the number 181 of the CM helpline and told him- Sir! They are very hungry, send them samosa-water from there. You are the CM, you are on the chair. We can’t do anything. I was very sad.

After calling 181 the staff swung into action and after that JCB machine was installed. There is a lot of water in the well, in such a situation it was impossible to get water from a pump, but the administration continued to campaign with it throughout the night. I know that my child would not have survived, but if it was the child of any CM or officer then the entire administration would have gathered. This is a child of a poor, so we do not even let us go near there and do not tell anything. Just say – go from here.

That’s why there is trouble in the rescue
It is very difficult to rescue the people who have fallen in the well. The rescue did not go well due to nightfall. When the JCB machine started digging, the soil above would get submerged due to the brownish ground. Therefore, the soil has to be removed by digging again. Due to heavy soil, the tractor overturned during the rescue operation at night. In which two people were seriously injured. Three people of the rescue team were buried under the rubble. Apart from this, the water taken out from the well is coming back from the lake, so the water is not decreasing.

NDRF and SDRF engaged in rescue.

Well accident in Vidisha: 4 bodies retrieved, 10 still missing; Rescue teams arrived late by 3 hours, people got angry after seeing ministers and officers

Five members of the rescue team injured
NDRF got information in Bhopal at 9:15. After this the team left for Ganjbasoda. During the accident, 5 members of NDRF and SDRF who were doing the rescue were injured. Two people were injured after the tractor got stuck in the debris. Apart from this, three members of the rescue have been injured. The injured Lakshmi Narayan, Ramesh, Mohan, Golu and Shashidhar were injured. Those who have been admitted to the hospital.

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