Motivational Thoughts In Hindi Wife Servant And Friend Are Recognized Only In Times Of Crisis Know Safalta Ki Kunji


Safalta Ki Kunji: The key to success says that one should not lose patience even in adversity. The person who is unable to face the crisis. Afraid to accept challenges, he never gets success.

According to scholars, just as there is day after night, in the same way happiness is followed by sorrow. One should not be afraid of troubles. Efforts should be made to deal with the crisis. The crisis also tells the person about the importance of relationships. Everyone stands together in happiness, but the true relationship is the one that can be seen together even in times of your sorrows and troubles.

According to Chanakya, one should not be afraid of trouble. The patience and skill of a person is tested only in times of crisis. With this, relationships are recognized correctly only at the time of crisis. Shaking hands, not everyone is a friend. It is also known only when there is a crisis. Lord Krishna says in the Gita that one should try to conquer suffering. Grief comes in every person’s life. No one can escape from misery and distress. One should be ready for this. Even in times of crisis, a person should not give up his best qualities.


importance of money The importance of money in times of crisis is understandable. Chanakya says that money plays the role of a true friend in times of crisis. That’s why money should be saved. Because saving money comes in handy in bad times. Selfish people are the first to leave in times of crisis. In such a situation, money only helps you in times of crisis.

Never forget those who help in times of crisis- Scholars say that the one who stood with you in your bad times should never be abandoned. Such people should always be respected and respected. Never leave the side of those who are ready to help selflessly.

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