Motivational Thoughts In Hindi Lying Those Who Humiliate Others Are Never Happy Know Safalta Ki Kunji


Safalta Ki Kunji : The key to success says that by letting someone down, no one can ever become great. Those who think so are deceiving themselves. Because success in life is achieved only when you take everyone along, take care of everyone’s happiness and sorrow. If you are not able and comfortable to do this then there is no happiness of success in your life.

Lord Krishna says in the Gita that make yourself the best. The best is always achieved by adopting good qualities. Those who ridicule others, consider the person in front to be weak or put all their labor in humiliating others. Such people can never become superior and great.

Scholars say that success in life is achieved through hard work and charity. That is the real success. If there is no pain on the sorrows of others and the happiness of others does not bring a smile on your face, then this situation is not said to be good about the future.


One should never give up the path of love and benevolence. Love has the power to turn an enemy into a friend. Charity is the best quality of a person. Due to this, the person gets respect everywhere. Such people are appreciated in the society. Such people act as inspiration for other people. The habit of lying also gives failure to a person. You should stay away from this. If you want to be the best in life, then give up this habit-

Stay away from negativity Scholars believe that positive energy and positive thoughts play a special role in the success of a person. Therefore, one should stay away from negative thoughts and energy. For this the importance of education and knowledge should be known. Adopting spirituality helps to avoid these bad habits.

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